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air travel new normal
News World

EU Will Scrap Mask Mandate For Air Travel

Face masks will not have to be worn in airports or on flights in Europe beginning next week, the European

ukraine war
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Putin Claims He’s Ridding Ukraine Of Nazis. Ukraine’s Jewish Population Knows Better.

In a corner of the Choral Synagogue in the western Ukrainian town of Drohobych, there’s a stark display of pictures

russia pounds eastern ukraine
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Russia Pounds Eastern Ukraine As West Promises Kyiv New Arms

TORETSK, Ukraine (AP) — Russia pounded eastern Ukraine on Tuesday as the U.S. defense secretary promised to “keep moving heaven

sanctions hit russian economy although putin says otherwise

Sanctions Hit Russian Economy, Although Putin Says Otherwise

NEW YORK (AP) — Nearly two months into the Russian-Ukraine war, the Kremlin has taken extraordinary steps to blunt an

900 bodies ukraine
News World

More Than 900 Civilian Bodies Found In Kyiv Region, Police Say

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — More than 900 civilian bodies have been discovered in the region surrounding the Ukrainian capital following

samut sakhon thailand

The Disappearing Art Of Thai Royal Porcelain

By Ronan O’Connell Published November 4, 2021 Few tourists to Bangkok know that the glimmer of the iconic Wat Arun

ukrainians repurpose junkyards and garages to repair battle damaged tanks
News World

Ukrainians Repurpose Junkyards And Garages To Repair Battle-Damaged Tanks

Russian forces are targeting Ukraine’s weapons factories, hoping to chip away at Kyiv’s ability to repair damaged vehicles and equip

Dmitry Muratov
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Russia’s Last Major Independent Newspaper Shuts Down Amid Government Pressure

Russia’s leading independent newspaper suspended operations Monday after pressure from Russian authorities, a move that comes less than six months

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One Month After Russia’s Bloody Invasion, Ukraine’s Still Fighting Back

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — One month of war, still defiant. With its government still standing and its outnumbered troops battling

the ukrainian girl singing im free in a shelter
Kids World

The Ukrainian girl who moved by singing “I’m free” in a shelter, performed the national anthem of her country in a stadium in Poland

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process. Her name

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Russian Troops Push Into Besieged Mariupol As Locals Plead For Help

LVIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian forces pushed deeper into Ukraine’s besieged and battered port city of Mariupol on Saturday, where

russian missiles hit near lviv airport
News World

Russian Missiles Hit Near Lviv Airport As Strikes Continue

LVIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian forces pressed their assault on Ukrainian cities Friday, hitting a building near a western city’s

ukraine mykhailo fedorov
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Ukraine Demands $120 Billion Software Giant SAP Stop Working With Sanctioned Russian Banks

Ukraine says the $120 billion software giant’s contracts with Russian banking customers are funding the murders of children. Over the

russian airstrike hits maternity hospital in ukraine
News World

At Least 17 Wounded After Russian Airstrike Hits Maternity Hospital In Ukraine

MARIUPOL, Ukraine (AP) — An airstrike on a hospital in the port city of Mariupol killed three people, including a

russian relatives call ukraine hotline to learn fate of missing soldiers
News World

Russian Relatives Call Ukraine Hotline To Learn Fate Of Missing Soldiers

CNN on Monday aired audio of the relatives of Russian soldiers who have called a hotline in Ukraine that is


Fleeing Sanctions, Oligarchs Seek Safe Ports For Superyachts

WASHINGTON (AP) — The massive superyacht Dilbar stretches one-and-a-half football fields in length, about as long as a World War

tech companies responses to the ukraine war

The growing list of tech companies’ responses to the Ukraine War

Russia’s decision to go ahead with a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine has been met with varying degrees of opposition.

how many questions are on the australian citizenship test 2022

How Many Questions are on the Australian Citizenship Test 2022?

Making a decision to move to some entirely new area is not easy, especially if that next stop of your


The volcanic explosion in Tonga destroyed an island and created many mysteries

By Maya Wei-Haas Published January 20, 2022 For many years, the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano poked above the waves as