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Why Buying a Mattress is Investing in Your Health

Going to a mattress sale in Toronto is always an experience on its own. You’ll definitely learn a lot about areas you never thought you can learn something about.

For example, you’ll definitely hear that buying a high-quality mattress is a perfect example of investing in your health and your future. And we bet you’ll hear it not even once. But the surprising part is that it’s practically 100% true. More information about good mattress buying you can find at https://queenswaymattress.com.

Why Mattress Quality Matters

In extreme situations, a human can sleep on literal rocks, and aside from back pain the next morning — nothing that bad will happen. We can adapt to anything and overcome any inconveniences if our survival is at stake.

However, working in an office is not exactly a survival (even though the stress sometimes makes it feel so), and nobody, ever, said that sleeping on a bad surface continuously, on a daily basis, is good for you. A low-quality, just bad mattress has much fewer differences from the said rocks than you may think:

  • A bad mattress will deform your spinal cord over time;
  • A bad mattress will affect your natural sleep posture and mess up your hips and shoulders;
  • A bad mattress will mess up your spine and other body systems;
  • A bad mattress will stress you out because of the feeling of discomfort, or make you feel worse in the morning (which is also becoming a stressor itself).

By a bad mattress, we mean anything that possibly even was a good mattress back then, but has deformed over time or is simply not made to be a proper sleeping surface. Yes, sleeping on the couch is also a bad idea health-wise.

How Can a Mattress Improve Your Life

Aside from the fact that you will sleep in comfort — there’s a whole list of beneficial effects that you may not notice at first.

Alleviate Pain

Have you ever noticed how one bad night of sleeping on a mattress can potentially ruin all the rest? Well, you may have slept in an uncomfortable position all through the night, which causes neck pain and headaches. Or you had a mattress that is old or improperly supported, which causes back pain. Or you woke up in the morning with a sore back, not realizing that this was caused by the mattress. All these are connected to the bad quality of your mattress.

Improve Posture

With a bad mattress, your spine will be bent, slumping, and twisted. Your mattress can affect your posture in many different ways. There’s no need to delve into the details right now, but this is something that shouldn’t be dismissed so easily.

Improve Bones

Bad quality beds may lead to a higher number of back problems. Not having proper support means that your body weight may be uneven, leaning on the side of skinny or overweight. That can have many dangerous effects on your body, such as shifting the center of gravity in your spine and negatively affecting the proper alignment of all other bones and joints.

Stress Relief

If you’re waking up with a sore back and feeling tired – this is probably because you slept on top of a deformed mattress. The bad mattress may have worn you out and made you feel uncomfortable all night. In addition, even if your sleep was sound, you may be waking up stressed and tired because of the feel of the mattress.

Sleep Quality

If your sleep is not good, chances are that the reason is a bad mattress. Your body needs proper support to feel comfortable while sleeping, but some mattresses aren’t designed for this purpose. This can cause a lot of muscle tension, sleepless nights, and fatigue — all of which may directly affect your quality of life. Being tired and stressed out is a stressful situation in its own right, and this stress can play a big role in the onset of any medical issues.

How to Choose the Best Quality Mattress

It’s getting hard to find a bad quality mattress nowadays. Good mattress shops like Queensway offer high-quality options for fair prices, and the market is cruel to those who can’t provide the same quality grade or prefers to sell overpriced mattresses. Tehy barely survive the competition.

However, just finding a good mattress is not even that hard if you compare it with the challeng of finding the mattress that will work best for YOU.

Here are the factors that define your mattress quality. In case you come across a mattress sale — don’t just buy the most tempting cheapest option. Choose in accordance with these parameters.

 1. The Material

When it comes to the mattress material, look for the certification of that particular material. It is essential to avoid those mattresses that use a soft memory foam or all the other notorious materials that can lead to cramps in your back. You can get:

  • Innerspring;
  • Foam;
  • Latex;
  • Hybrid;
  • And over a dozen of more or less high-tech options.

The mattress material largely defines your quality of sleep, so it’s important to give all options a try and see which one works best for you.

2. The Thickness

If you are going for a mattress of the best quality, it is best that you opt for one that is firm and thick enough to support your body weight. There’s a special scale to help you choose:

  • Extra soft;
  • Soft;
  • Medium soft;
  • Medium;
  • Medium-firm;
  • Firm;
  • Extra-firm.

Choosing the right one will definitely give you value for your money. This way too you will be able to get more out of your bedding deal.

3. The Certification of the Mattress Foundation

There are many certification agencies that certify mattresses based on their qualities and durability quotient. If you have bought a mattress before, ensure that it comes with certification so that it proves what it says to be: A quality and long-lasting mattress with the best materials for your weight inside.

4. The Price

It can get a bit complicated since you have to keep in mind two contradicting facts:

  • First — Don’t sacrifice the quality of your sleep for a better deal in terms of price.
  • Second — The most expensive quality mattress is not necessarily the best.

You can purchase a cheap but quality mattress at an affordable price and still be comfortable after sleeping on it for years to come.

5. The Warranty

Buying a mattress with a longer warranty can save you from the heartache of having to buy a replacement anytime soon. This can prevent you from buying the second-rate mattress again in a few years. You’re NOT supposed to buy a mattress every year or two, all of them are supposed to be made to serve you for years.

Final Word

You may spend days, weeks, and sometimes — months choosing a car that you’ll drive for 3 or 4 hours a day at best. Yet, on your mattress, you’ll spend every night, 6 to 8 hours on average. And if you want to say that a good mattress is not as important as a car because your safety depends on the car… well, check the points above.

Constant exposure to a bad sleeping surface that causes a bad sleep regimen bends your spine, deforms your bones, keeps you stressed every day, and leads to chronic pain sounds like a health issue as well. And the only way to prevent it from ever occurring is by buying a high-quality mattress.

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