What You Should Know About Camping In Iceland

We definitely all know that travelling to Iceland may be very expensive. However, to be aware of where to get a cheap food, to rent a car and other possible ways to save money, you can easily and seamlessly travel across Iceland at low cost! Camping is indeed a wonderful way to enjoy nature and available choice for living.
Whereas you have never taken similar hikes, you most likely were resting by a river or a sea with a tent?! In addition, as soon as you find out the cost of staying in hotels in Iceland, you will go get your dad`s tent immediately:)
Camping in a mystery Iceland is an awesome way to greatly enjoy nature, as well as that cheap way to travel throughout this place. You will surely find everything you might need to know including prices, useful tips, and even a list of equipment in this article.

Why camping?

As a rule, people insanely enjoy camping. It is a cheap and accessible choice to have some rest during night. Of course, you might get dirty after some time but anyway bathing in waterfalls is going to fix it. If to speak the truth, you can find a shower and a kitchen in most camps.
It can be a bit different from some European camping. More often than not, they provide you with a spot with tables and benches and it is going to be away from other spots in mainland Europe. Everything is different in Iceland though.
You will see a big open green field for putting a tent; park a car/camper wherever s/he wants. Thus, sometimes-random people may appear to be quite close to you, especially in the season. Besides, sometimes camping is located on the skirts of the town, and right in the centre of the town, but rarely in the outback.
It is forbidden to make a campfire, and some forbid to use single-use or re-usable grills. There are expanded metal shields in some camping, where you can make whatever you want.
In accordance with a camping and how far it is located, there may be more or fewer conveniences, but drinking water and a toilet will always be around.

Where and how to find camping in Iceland?

There is a camping almost near every town even a small one. If you use paper road maps, camping is usually marked. If you use electronic maps, search camping, camping place, campground.

Is it allowed to put a tent in Iceland?

There is a certain grain of truth. There are particular rules, for example, you can tent in specially allotted places in national parks, you cannot tent on a private land even without an owner`s permission. You can tent in recreation ground along the road moreover, if there are more than 3 tents in your group, you need to receive a permit from the land`s owner… there is an information at official website, that you can tent, but only far away from the main routes and where no other way around.
As experience shows, everything is possible but one should be careful about putting up a tent thinking thoughtfully where you do this. And in any case, nothing should be left behind!
In addition, if you have a chance to tent in a camping, it is better to do so especially near some places of interest. More than a millionof tourists visit Iceland yearly, just imagine how much trash is left in this little country…
If you really need to stop by and there is a house of the land`s owner, it is going to be quite reasonable come over the owner and ask for the permission to make a stop on his/her land. If you are not a 150th for today, you will most likely get a yes.

Actually how much does camping in Iceland cost?

Camping in Iceland is considered to be one of the cheapest or even the cheapest way to spend a night 100% legally!
Prices for camping in Iceland are moderate. They are usually quoted per person and may vary from about $10- $20. Using a toilet and a kitchen are included. As a rule, a shower is included in more expensive camping, sometimes even sauna and geothermal pool (if there are any). Cheaper camping usually charges for taking a shower (usually about 300-500 ISK).
A town thermal pool is a good alternative to a shower. Thus, you will get a double benefit: take a shower (taking a shower is necessary before going to a pool) and visit another place of interest (even if it is going to be just a town thermal pool, to relax in hot water is pleasant anyway). There is one in almost every town and they, as a rule, are quite cheap, and some can even be free of charge, and some are a bit more expensive…
You can also buy a camping map. It is normally rated for one person and longs for approximately 28 days. It combines not all the camping, but about 40 of them, which is why you might need a bit more time on planning where to spend the night. It does not make any sense to buy such a map if you are going to mysteries Iceland for 1-1.5 weeks, however, if it is 2-3 weeks trip, such a camping map might turn out to be a good buy.

A list of equipment

Perhaps, if you read an article about exciting camping, you might probably have all the necessary equipment. However, if you turn out to be here by accident and interested, or if you are going to Iceland by one of the low-cost air companies and do not feel like buying a baggage space, then…
You can rent equipment in Iceland, of course, it is not going to be cheap and it is quite possible that to buy a baggage space will be better and rent everything in your home country but still… there is such an opportunity.
So, a list of equipment for camping in Iceland

  • A tent – do not forget that it has to be a good tent, which is going to stand out and will not wet through under the rain or storm wind, which happens in Iceland often enough
  • A sleeping bag – I would recommend feels-like temperature 0-5 С as a minimum
  • A karimata
  • A burner for making food – can be both a gas and a multi-fuel one. However, if it is a gas burner, do not forget that bottles of cooking gas are not allowed to take into a plane with you. In case, it is a multi-fuel, you can always get some gasoline at any gas station.
  • A cookware – it depends in many ways on what you are planning on cooking.
  • A water container
  • An eye mask – it is not going to be dark at all if you travel during summer… And there might be troubles sleeping for want of habit.
  • A dripping-dry towel, ideally made of microfiber
  • A lantern – caves are lone spots where exactly you are going to need a lantern during the whole summer.
  • Food – everything depends on where you go, whether there is going to be an opportunity to buy some more food and so on.
  • Things you are going to wear in Iceland

A general impression about camping in Iceland

Camping in Iceland is terrific! Certainly, if you are, for instance, looking for a rather quiet place, camping is not your cup of tea. If you want to put it somewhere next to places of interest for acceptable prices, camping is a good choice.
Are you already planning your trip to Iceland and going to put at camping? Is there anything else you just need to add to this list? Or, simply stick to the existing one. Hope it helps.
About the author: Melisa Marzett just loves a sport, travelling, camping, which is why it is needless to say that she stands for an active lifestyle. In addition, she practices yoga since recently and works for as long as she has always wanted to be a writer. For now, she works upon guest articles dreaming to write a book one day to turn the world upside down.

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