Wedding Flowers – Determine your Budget and Planning for your Wedding

A wedding takes a lot of planning and you will have to make countless decisions, both big and small, in the run up to this big day. This also applies to choosing a wedding bouquet or other decoration such as flower arrangements for a wedding.

The flowers may be easy to overlook, but they are an important aspect of a wedding. Would you like to know what to keep in mind when ordering a flower arrangement for your wedding? Or do you want to have a flower arrangement delivered to a couple who is about to get married? Here are some tips.

Determine your budget and what you need

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Are you getting married, but do you have a limited budget? Then don’t get carried away and opt for one beautiful wedding bouquet, perhaps supplemented with a flower arrangement. On a wedding day, flowers are a nice addition, but you are still the center of attention. Moreover, flowers remain perishable!

For a wedding you can choose from a huge range of flower arrangements. That is why it is important that you know what you need on this day. In addition to a bridal bouquet, you could opt for flower arrangements as decoration on the table or car, bridal bouquets for the bridesmaids and various corsages for men and women.

Not sure exactly what you want? Then take a look at websites such as Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. There you will find numerous options and styles that may suit you. What do you like? A minimalist style or should it stand out in terms of color and style?

If you want to give a flower arrangement for a wedding, it is best to choose neutral colors. These always suit the occasion.

What else should you pay attention to?

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Are you going to choose flowers for your wedding? Also take into account the location of the wedding party. The layout and size of the location partly determine the color and size of your flower arrangements. A small flower arrangement on a huge table will look out of place, and colors can clash with the interior of a wedding location. Most wedding venues have deliberately opted for neutral colors, but there are venues with a theme and style. It is important that you connect flowers to this.

Of course, the colors of the bridal bouquet and flower arrangements must match the color of the wedding dress. So it is best to order flowers only after you know the colors of the dress and any bridesmaids. Also, the style of the dress can influence the type of bridal bouquet you will wear. Is the dress simple and elegant or rather graceful and full of glamor? What is the color of the dress, classic white or another color? These are all factors that determine which flower arrangement is best for you.

How do you care for fresh wedding flowers?

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Would you like to enjoy the fresh flowers you have just bought or received for as long as possible? Then follow the following simple tips that will ensure that the flowers last longer and remain more beautiful.

Use a clean vase

A fresh bouquet of flowers should always be placed in a clean vase. Did you wash the vase properly after the previous bouquet? Residues and bacteria can cause the fresh flowers to be damaged and therefore weaken. By properly washing the vase, we do not mean rinsing. The vase really needs to be washed with detergent and a brush or scouring pad. To be sure, you can rinse the vase with water and bleach afterwards. It is best to do this routine as standard after the bunch of flowers have finished blooming and you have thrown them away.

Use food for flowers

When you buy or receive a bunch of flowers, there is usually a bag of food for the flowers. Don’t throw it away, make use of it. It is best to dissolve this in lukewarm water. The correct proportions are stated on the packaging of the food. To keep the flowers of Bloompost as good as possible for as long as possible, it is important to put the bunch in a vase with water and the food as soon as possible. But not before you’ve met the next two points.

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Remove the lower leaves

There are often leaves on the stems of flowers, these should not be allowed to stand in the water. They will then rot, causing bacteria to develop. These bacteria will cause the flowers to die faster. Therefore, remove all leaves on the lower parts of the stems that will be in the water.

Cut the flowers diagonally

A bouquet is composed with fresh flowers, but it is wise to cut the bottom of all stems at an angle. It is best to use a clean and sharp knife or pruning pliers for this. When cutting, be careful with the flowers and stems, do not press them hard against a counter or cutting board. Make sure the stem is cut diagonally, but neatly. After cutting diagonally, you can place the flowers in the vase.

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