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In general, most people are concerned about their health but they have not enough knowledge to take care of themselves. The first thing they do when they face certain health issues, they go to the gym. However, unfortunately, it won’t solve all the problems since, first of all, the gym promotes the improvement of physical health but not a mental one. In this essay, I want to pay your attention to the threats to our health and the best ways to improve your both physical and mental health. There are plenty of benefits of being a healthy person, I recommend you to pay special attention to this tips.

  • Environmental pollution is one of the passive threats to our health but still, its influence is undeniable. Those who live in big industrial cities feel the influence of pollution the most of all since all the emissions move in the air and descend to earth even if the plant is far away from the populated districts. Usually, lungs are damaged most of all and it even might result in cancer. It is almost impossible to stay away from polluted areas due to fact that houses in suburban areas are too expensive and most people got used to living in the cities and they can’t move to another place.
  • There is no need to waste time talking about the myth of genetically modified food. This is our inability to organize our meals and love to fast-food. The breakfast is one of the most important meals throughout the day but most of us prefer a cup of coffee or a small sandwich. Thus, people experience intestinal issues and then, they are forced to give up eating something they like. That’s why in order to avoid such inconveniences in the future, you need to take care of your proper nutrition and its schedule.
  • Lack of fresh air. This is a common problem among office workers since they forget to go outside to breath fresh air for at least a couple of minutes every hour. People that spend too much time in the closed offices might experience exhaustion and headaches which do not contribute to the working process. Do your best to make at least small pauses throughout the day to walk outside.
  • Lack of physical activity. The scientists proved that our body is designed in such a way to move all the time. However, the work or most people predispose being immobile during a long period of time and it has certain consequences for our health. Our musculoskeletal system degrades due to such a lifestyle which result in muscular atrophy, scoliosis, and other diseases.
  • Alcohol abuse. It is difficult to imagine how many lives were destroyed due to the alcohol and today it is a very serious problem, especially among young people since they consider it to be cool. Unfortunately, it is far from being the truth. Under the influence of alcohol people experience poisoning, their mind and body stop working in an appropriate way and our liver, which serves as a natural filter of all the products we consume, suffer most and it might result to its failure.

This is only a small list of all the threats to our health, but these ones are the most widespread and you might even have one of this symptoms. However, there is also mental health we want to focus on and thus, we want to single out a couple of emotions even states of our mind which do no good for us.

  • This is a fire that burns inside our body and as well as any fire it leaves embers afterward. Angry people don’t have control over the things they say or do and then, when they take it out on somebody they realize what they did and experience shame and depression. It might also result in certain physical problems, like a pain in the chest, a risk to have cardiovascular disease etc.
  • Our life predisposes making decisions and certain responsibility. That’s why we all experience feeling that called stress. This is a sort of a tension that continue growing constantly. This one is usually caused by hesitations we feel. First of all, this is a serious damage to our nervous system which results in a lack of sleep, a clouded mind, depression, anxiety and other symptoms that cause inconveniences for an individual. People unable to deal with the stress are at risk to die due to the cardiovascular diseases.
  • Sadness and depression. Did you know the depression lasts longer than any other emotion we experience? First of all, depressed people are always preoccupied and they can’t sleep well, work or study effectively and enjoy their life. Each emotion is usually connected to an organ in our body and sadness damages our lungs. The air fails to pass through which results in a short breath and various bronchial diseases.
  • Fear and anxiety. This emotion is also dangerous for our mental and physical health. First of all, this is an irreversible damage to our immune system and thus we are more vulnerable to various diseases. Moreover, it also results in constant exhaustion.

As you can see, our mental and physical health are interconnected and even our emotions can damage our organs and result in the development of serious diseases and even lethal outcome. Now, we will highlight a couple of good methods to improve your health and feel better every day.

  • Physical exercises. It is great if you have time to attend the gym at least a couple of times a week but sometimes it is impossible, especially, if you are forced to work fifteen hours per day and their work does not predispose any physical activity. In such a case, you need to do at least a couple of morning exercises every morning and take a break at least every two hours to stretch a little.
  • Healthy food. There is a certain amount of vitamins and minerals our body requires and we need to fulfill this need. That’s why you need to eat as much healthy good as possible, including fruit and vegetables, fish, dairy products etc.
  • Control emotions. As you can see, our emotion cause irreversible damage to our mental and physical health and in order to increase or even eliminate their influence on your health, you need to learn how to sublimate or control these emotions. However, it is impossible to keep them inside you since sooner or later it will lead to even more serious consequences. The matter of control is based on appropriate directing of this energy, both negative and positive one.

About the author: The author’s name is Melisa Marzett. She is a freelance writer working at Her experience and writing skills allow her to write papers on any topic and a healthy lifestyle is not an exception. You can follow this link to find her profile and even use the services she offers to order your own paper

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