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When a child is born, the most ordinary trip to the resort becomes a real test for a family. This article is going to tell you what you need to take with you if you travel with children, what medicines should be in your travel medicine box and how to entertain a child on the road. At sea, children become hardened, receive a charge of solar energy, and subsequently are less susceptible to disease. Therefore, it is essential not to be afraid to take the child with you on vacation. Besides, so that the journey does not turn into torment, be sure to think through all the details.

1. Season.

It is necessary to choose a country for travel, depending on the season. In autumn, visit the countries of cold Europe – Germany, Austria, northern France, and Belgium. For the winter holidays, if your child were interested in sports, then a trip to Finland would be a perfect option. In spring, choose a trip to the south of France, Serbia, where delicious food and friendly people live. In general, all of Europe in the spring is beautiful and interesting for schoolchildren. In July – August, stay with your grandmother at the cottage, go camping, go to the forest for mushrooms, and in June, for a vacation at sea, choose Greece, Spain, and Cyprus. Long flights are not recommended for young children. Do not forget that a trip from winter to summer can affect the acclimatization of not only a child but also an adult, so beware of severe changes in temperature.

2. Duration

A month and a half is the perfect period for a vacation. Because each organism reacts differently to a climate change, it is the best option to organize a long trip so as not to lose most of its time for re-acclimatization of the body.

3. Travel time

The way a child transfers a flight or road on a train depends on its duration. Be sure to tell some interesting facts about the place where you are going. Travel time gives you an excellent opportunity to chat with your child, prepare for the upcoming trip, and interest in a new place. For a long journey, prepare pre-downloaded cartoons and games on your tablet. Today, large airlines can provide you with a set of children’s entertaining games, or screens for each passenger are already integrated with the seats, but be prepared for everything and prepare a backup option.

4. Entertainment

For starters, it is worth setting the child on a positive wave, presenting the upcoming trip as a kind of adventure, and older children should be more thoroughly up to date with the goal of developing their horizons – all that is needed is the name of the country, its capital, and, if desired, a few words in the local language. Children have a good memory; this will be an excellent occasion to develop it, and perhaps to instill a child in interest in foreign languages. It will not be superfluous to learn a couple of necessary phrases, for both you and your children.

5. Education

If you are traveling to another country, be sure to look at the study guides in a foreign language at local bookstores: copybooks, reading rooms, workbooks, children’s entertainment magazines, and more. For example, Belgium is the capital of comics, and if your child is learning French at school, then it will be doubly satisfying for him to study these colorful publications and translate foreign texts.

6. Homework

Rest should be rest. Do not burden your children with study trip. Leave all homework at home, and on the journey, allow your child to explore this world independently.

7. Acclimatization

The first week of the trip for children should be gentle: to avoid overheating on the beach, leave before noon, and swimming in the sea is strictly in the early morning. From my own experience, I can say that it is more comfortable to live in apartments with young children than in a hotel.

8. Food

If possible, try to take with you the usual fare for children, to avoid sudden gastronomic differences. If you are resting with a baby, then take all baby formulas with you. Also, you will have to work hard to buy buckwheat in Europe, so if this is a necessary product in your diet, it should be packed in a suitcase along with other essential things. With extreme caution, you need to approach the selection of local vegetables and fruits. Better not to give the child exotic and unfamiliar fruits.

9. Routine

On vacation, try to comply with the usual routine. Young children need a nap, and they should not forget about it when traveling. The most challenging thing is after vacation when even an adult finds it difficult to get into the usual rhythm, but this adaptation period takes place in any family.

10. Medicine

The list of essential medications for traveling with a child includes antipyretics, antibiotics, antispasmodics, enzymes, antiseptics, antiviral drugs. Take drotaverine, Paracetamol, Smecta, amoxicillin, Linex, chlorhexidine, brilliant green paint, Viferon, medical bandage, and plaster on the road.

It is essential to understand that traveling with a small child is not easy, but if you think through all the details in advance, this vacation can be a pleasure for you and give the whole family a lot of high emotions.

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Melisa Marzett is a former journalist and a freelance writer who is currently writing for cv reviewer and traveling because she likes to keep it moving, bright emotions and good vibes.

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