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Have you been searching for a novel, lively place to visit? It is pretty difficult to find a location to the liking of every tourist, as some of them prefer tasting the thrills of the sumptuous beach parties, while others seek refuge from the urban agitation learning the rural customs. Some are avid to see medieval cities and fortresses, whereas others are interested in winter sports. Romania has it all!

You will love to learn about Romania’s rich history and you can start with Sinaia, the famous ski resort which is also home of the magnificent Peles Castle, a cultural jewel of the country, built by King Carol the 1st. Brasov will also mesmerize you with its impressive medieval centre, the Black Church and the best traditional restaurants. Only half an hour away, Bran Castle, the renowned residence of Count Dracula, awaits to reveal its dark secrets. You cannot leave Transylvania without visiting Sibiu, another main cultural centre of Romania. Feel the aura of the Renaissance on its charming streets and the art in Bruckenthal Museum. The best way to cover all these wonderful locations of Transylvania effectively is by choosing Bucharest Van Rentals to take care of your trip. Take all of your family members to this novel adventure. Sharing your joy creates lifetime memories and stronger connections. The mini-vans have plenty of room for your beloved ones and their luggage, too.

Romanian beach resorts are pulsating with exciting activities. If you’re a festival enthusiast, you must live the Neversea experience in Constanta. World’s most famous djs rock the beaches with their beats for 3 days.  Axwell-Ingrosso, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, ATB are only a few of the artists that came to entertain the tourists eager to party. The ones who are not afraid to spend on their vacation should come to Mamaia. Some who have visited this resort compare it to Ibiza, while others say it is even better! They have fallen in love with the smooth white sands, the exquisite beach bars and restaurants, the lively nightclubs and their rivers of fine champagne. Free-spirited tourists are most welcome to Vama Veche, a location well described by its motto: “Everybody belongs to Vama Veche”. Let all inhibitions, insecurities and worries aside, enjoy the sunsets on the beach, the resort will teach you that everyone’s got a valuable story to tell. Of course, going in the company of good friends is not only more fun, but also healthier for the environment. Avoid polluting the environment with noxes by travelling with separate cars. Rent a van! Whether you’re into festivals, night life or you’re seeking a bohemian style vacation, Bucharest Van Rentals is the answer for you and your friends. The company provides comfortable transportation at really reasonable prices. Less pollution, less crowding equal maximized enjoyment for everyone, so don’t hesitate to contact our agents as soon as you have decided on a destination.

The collection of legends, stories and customs is the defining aspect of a country, because it represents its whole spirit. Travelers will be amazed to discover that many of these have been strictly preserved in rural Romania since ancient times. Winter customs include singing carols from house to house on Christmas’ Eve, or even dancing with traditional masks in order to expel “evil spirits” and attract wealth and wellbeing. The most known carols are: “Capra”, “Steaua” and “Sorcova”. You can also spend Easter in Romania, a holiday that is always associated with the custom of dying eggs red and knocking them on the first day of Easter while saying “Christ has risen from the dead!”. The other one answers with: “Indeed he has!”. You can also enjoy the local Easter dishes: roast lamb, sweet cream cheesecake or “cozonac”. Travel to Ciocanesti (the museum village), in the region of Bucovina or Viscri, Prince Charles’ favourite destination to spend holidays. Be amazed by the picturesque views of the mountain villages and immerse in these Romanian customs, but take the way with most opportunities.

Romania is a country of various treasures to uncover. Explore every snippet between your destinations and take your time! Go to a quirky café, stop to take unforgettable pictures with your pals, buy souvenirs, you decide. Take Bucharest Van Rentals to ensure your flexibility, comfort and reduce the costs and pollution caused by other means of transportation.

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