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How Do You Remove Window Tinting From Car Windows

You’ve bought a car or you plan to buy one. However, you’re still not sure whether you will have to take off the foils for tinting the car windows?

This problem troubles many drivers because tinted glasses are not legal in all countries. On the other hand, you may just not want to have tinted foils on your car windows. So how do you remove them from your car? We looked for the answer for you.

Car Glass Tinting: Pros And Cons

Tinted car windows were very popular for a while. Of course, having such windows not only gives your car a different look – but has some other advantages too. Namely, darkened glass foils will provide freshness, increased safety, comfort, and greater driving pleasure to the interior of your vehicle. The darkened glass also reduces the possibility of possible car accidents as well as burglary.

Darkening foils filter the heat of the sun – and at the same time, they transmit light, which enables a clearer view and a more comfortable ride. However, some people do not like to have them, and in some places, it is forbidden to use foils to darken the windows on your car. In some countries, you are allowed to have them but you will have to go through quite a procedure.

Do You Want To Take Off Tinting Foils From Your Vehicle?

If you have decided to buy a car, then you must take into account the regulations governing the tinting of windows in your country. Some countries are tolerant of this – while certain countries have regulations on the degree of darkening your car windows.

If you are tired of thinking about these regulations and if you want to take off the foils that tint the glasses on your car – you can do that. However, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance.

Removing Of Darkening Foil By Yourself Can Cost You A Lot If You Don’t Do It Properly

Whether regulations require it, or the foil is simply worn out and needs to be replaced – removing darkening foil is not an easy process. Also, you have to keep in mind that removing factory-tinted windows can sometimes cause headaches – so you need to be twice as careful. According to, it is always best to contact authorized services.

Why? Well, there are tons of reasons for something like that. Improper removal can cost you dearly. Namely, according to experts, it happens that when the foil peels off the back window – the owner unintentionally destroys the heater. Then, there is the damage – and the chances are that you will have to change the whole back glass. The prices of such replacements differ depending on the type of your vehicle – but it is clear that such a mistake will cost you dearly.

If You Are Determined To Remove The Foil Yourself – Here’s What You Should Know

We often decide to take off the glass tinted foil for aesthetic reasons. Namely, it often happens that the foil on the glass fades – or ugly bubbles form on it. Then we usually decide to take it off. When doing this yourself, you should know certain things in advance. Window tinting is usually removed using two basic methods. One is by scraping and the other is by using heat.

Of course, you must keep in mind that your car glasses will need additional cleaning later – because the remnants of glue can not always be completely removed. Here are some methods you can use to remove tinted foil from your car window.

Try It With A Heat Gun Or Hair Dryer

This is one of the tested and proven methods when removing glass darkening foil. What we do know is that due to the heat – the glue under the foil will start to melt, so you can expect it to be a bit untidy. Still, it’s nothing you can’t overcome. What is important to emphasize is that this procedure should start from the corner of the car window – not from the middle.

Simply direct the warm air towards the corner of the window. When the glue starts to melt – try to begin peeling the foil off the glass surface with your fingernail. It is important to direct the source of warm air towards the foil – so that the other layers of glue loosen until you remove the foil completely.

Removal Of Dark Foil With Water Vapor

If you have a steam cleaner in the house – you also have a solution for removing the foil for tinting the windows. Simply approach the steamer by the windows. First, peel off the foil located at the very corner of the window – and then use a steamer to cross each part of the window, from the corner to the middle and end of the window.

Wait for a while, so as not to burn yourself – and start pulling the foil slowly towards the middle. If there are parts where the glue has not yet loosened, steam the window additionally. You can do this with a home steam cleaner, but also with an ordinary smaller steamer that you can get in almost any store.

Scraping Methods

If you choose this option, you must be aware that it involves the use of objects with sharp edges. Extra caution is needed here because you can scratch the window glass very easily.

Although many people believe that the blade of a metal object such as a scalpel or razor will be a greater help in removing the foil – the fact is that using such objects will increase the risk of damage to the glass.

Therefore, many of you would still prefer a plastic scraper. Although you may need some extra time and patience – you are more likely to keep the windows on your car undamaged.


Although the foil for tinting the windows on the car has its advantages – many decide to remove it. Sometimes it’s because of applicable regulations – and sometimes just because the tinted foil is simply worn out.

Whatever the reason for the removal, you have to be very careful when doing it yourself – because you can cause additional damage to the glass. Therefore, it is always advisable to go to one of the professional services.

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