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Marketing Mix 2.0, or how to build the advertising experience of tomorrow through Push Notifications.

The number one concern nowadays is to be seen. But also to spark a reaction. So how do you get your users not to miss one single message? You infiltrate their daily routine, and appear in the one place they can’t help but look. Their device’s native-notification field.
We know what you’re thinking! And no, we’re not talking about anything dodgy, or even remotely so. But the use of one of the least-abusive technologies there is. The technology that ensures you get your users’ attention: Push Notifications. Now with some new and improved features.

Let’s check the facts

study on retail proves that personalized offers, along with heavy-weight customer care are the major game-changers for customers. That, plus seeing and testing products on different channels. But unless your website isn’t about e-commerce, you might be tempted to say that this doesn’t apply to you.

However, we beg to differ. Allow us to demonstrate.

What consumers value the most?

  1. Personalization
  2. Easily finding products and knowing about new launches
  3. Appearance or branding, and consistency across various channels
  4. Consistency of customer care
  5. Offers and promotions

Based on the same report, 44% of respondents actually want you to consider their personal information or purchasing history. So, is it so surprising that a heavy accent is placed on personalization?

The pandemic also helped turn this into a trend. So much so, that users are now asking for the same kind of experience offline. But how can you use the internet to animate live offline events? Using the Push technology, that’s how.

And in the rows that will follow we’ll also tell you about how push technology can be sent (through the Internet), to engage audiences during physical gatherings and events.

Brief introduction to Push Technology

Push Technology is an official Google Cloud Messaging (now FCM) technology. It is what made the first emails possible. It was also at the base of the Pulsing Blackberry LED. And now push technology is one of the most promising, from the online marketing field.

The technology gets its name from the process it accomplishes: pushing information. And it materialized in Push Notifications. One format that you probably absolutely need to include in your communication process with your customers.

Push Notifications are small messages that appear at the top of mobile screens, or the bottom of desktops. They inform about important events. It’s impossible to ignore them because of their native-alert look, and the fact that once you engage with them, they’re gone forever.

Contrary to common belief the push technology is not spam. And if the study from above showed us anything is that this is an exceptionally good tool for website owners and marketers, as it:

  • Helps personalize the individual experience and customer care through special selected content
  • Informs about products and about new launches
  • Adds to the page appearance with interactive windows, without taking any extra space on the website
  • Provides consistency across various channels (in-App as well), and even when the user is not navigating on your website
  • Brings a more personal touch to customer care
  • Notifies users about any offers and promotions you might run

In other words, Push Notifications can help webmasters cross all the 5 most valuable things customers appreciate in a brand (or website). It can be your cheap, and simple opportunity to up your game. And next, we’ll see just how.

Among Top Push Notification services you can find Notix, Kumulos, Airship, Aimtell, Launchpad by Growth Rocket Apps, BuzzGuru. We will build a further analysis on the example of Notix, because of their proven expertise and general market leadership. Feel free to compare this review with other similar services, mentioned above.

Push Notifications: use and benefits

  • Interact and engage with your subscribers in a less-invasive way – notifying them of important website events
  • Re-engage long-lost traffic – remind your users why they used to enjoy your website, and have a boost in traffic volumes
  • Optional: Monetize your website traffic – target your audience with user-friendly ads from trusted and verified advertisers.

But, most importantly, with Push Notifications, you can engage users with highly curated content. By personalizing your offers, messages, and content. And whether you’re telling them about new content or products, offers, and promotions, or just being consistent, the results speak for themselves.

Here are a few more benefits of sending Push Notifications:

And what do all the above lead to? A substantial increase in your ROI, as webmasters that already use push notification so skillfully demonstrated.

So, what do you do when you’ve got something that really works? You use it to deliver consistency and continue adapting to customer’s needs**.**

Using online-marketing during offline events

Engaging with users both online and offline plays an important role for every business. The accent is more than ever on creating a holistic experience.

And we already have examples from the sports niche:

  • Euro League tickets – not just printable assets, users need an online pass. This facilitates engaging with the offline users, through the internet, via their mobile devices
  • The Super Bowl – used 5G technology to send Push Notifications and invite every viewer from the stadium to half-time virtual games.

5G brings better connections between devices and a richer stream of data. So, Push Notifications will likely find a boost even with the help of this technology.

As you can see, Push can be used as an out-of-the-box method of collecting, engaging, re-engaging, and monetizing subscribers. And a part of your integrated marketing strategy.

How could you use Push Notifications this way? Offline events, triggered messages, and GEO targeting could be your gateway to a more inclusive experience. Think about it.

Creative Solutions that make Push Notifications more all-encompassing

  • In-app Push Notifications – one more communication channel. Send push, even without a website.
  • On-site Push Notifications – native website banners, sent via Push technology. Customizable based on your content and website type.
  • Triggered Push Delivery – send the right push, at the right time, based on your users actions.
  • Content Recommendations – allows your audience to choose the push content. Works perfectly with API, but not only.
  • Push Notifications Automation – from the push delivery and creation, to content. A complete set of features.

In Conclusion

When it comes to retailers, the study we mentioned before demonstrated a substantial increase in sales, profit, online traffic, and customer loyalty. And one or several of these boosts were experienced by absolutely all of the respondents.

But although running a website is very much like running a retail business (with clients, and products or services to offer), that’s not all that Push can be used for. As the sports examples from above show, this highly versatile format is as suitable for any niche, sector, or activity type.

Moreover, push notifications can help you resolve all the most important aspects of the users’ journey on your website. But even more important, if you work with an effective push notifications delivery service, you have the possibility to increase your traffic even further.

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