Pretty much yearly vacation is a dream vacation

Pretty much yearly vacation is a dream vacation

Pretty much yearly vacation is a dream vacation. Working actively each half a year with little holiday breaks and weekends, we dream to leave for some place away from home for at least some time, to have some good rest and improve our health. Going on vacation, we do not think about simple trips to have a negative effect on our health. Here are a few dangers which are to wait for a traveler and recommendations how to save health while resting.

Personal preferences and financial possibilities are the only things people of today follow choosing a place for vacation. Planning on vacation with children, one should take into consideration what is going to be interesting and useful for the kids. Going on vacation with children, choose ecologically clean areas. Certainly, trips abroad are open but standard tours for 7-8 nights in this case do not work. A child`s body is more sensitive to sudden changes of situation and climate, at that so it managed to adopt and benefit from a vacation in a sunny place, one is to spend two weeks there.  Adults` vacation is to be planned not on personal preferences only but also taking a health condition into account. In case of chronic problems, one it to take all the necessary measures in order to prevent a disease recurrence: to get the first aid medicine, think over a place of vacation where a qualified medical aid is to be given and to visit a doctor for a consultation beforehand.

A level of danger about flights depends on their duration period. The more hours you are to spend in a plane, the higher a risk to harm one`s health. The main danger is about development of venous thromboembolism. It occurs if not to move for quite some time. Overweight, a couch-potato lifestyle, declining years, pregnancy, liability to venous thrombosis — these all raises the risk of embolization of thrombus. For passengers diagnosed with pulmonary embolism, circulatory collapse an old heart attack or myocardial infarction a long-range travel is also dangerous. Senior people can have their arterial tension low onboard the aircraft. It happens on the background of taking some medicine. A rapid lowing of tension leads to bad self-feeling and even loss of consciousness. In order to reduce the risk of problems with health to happen during a flight, one is to drink more water and to try to get up more often. Choose comfortable clothes made of natural materials. To drink alcohol on a board is not recommended. Alcohol does not raise the risk of glitches in cardiovacular system only but also can cause sickness and headache, which are able to turn a long-range travel into hell.

Living in one and the same area constantly, our body gets used to its climatological conditions, environmental conditions and other factors, effecting not outwardly only but also inwardly (water, food and others). Body reaction to rapid change of habitual conditions is called acclimatization. Its degree depends upon the health condition and its sensitivity to the factors of the environment.  As a rule, different systems of a body react on difference of humidity and air temperature, changes of air pressure and time zones. In order to experience what acclimatization is, it is not necessary to leave for another country. It is going to be enough to leave for the other part of the country. The rapid change of environment is stressful. Acclimatization for adults lasts during 3-4 days at average. September people and children at the age of 10-12 take it harder — for 7-10 days. More often than not, such a reaction happens with people who go to the sea for a vacation.

Acclimatization at the sea is the most dangerous for people suffering from chronic diseases of cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system let alone with nervous system disorders. General weakness, hardly quenching one’s thirst, insomnia, increase of heartbeat and breathing, sickness, vertigo, aucte chronic diseases and others. Mountainous areas are different due to low atmospheric pressure and not enough oxygen in the air.  Which is why the main symptoms of acclimatization in this case are labored breathing and fast heart beating, buzzing in ears, headache, vertigo, sickness and general weakness. In order to low the risk of such an unpleasant condition to happen as acclimatization is, one should choose places with climate close to the home town climate. It is especially important for children, older people, those who suffer from chronic diseases. Adults with staisfactory health condition may go to the countries with another climate and to plan a trip for more than a week. It will give a body to acclimate to new conditions and to improve one`s health during the staying.

Hot summer sun can harm even within a home town. The sun is considered to be dangerous within a period from 10 AM to 5 PM. It is the most harmful for the kids. A nice suntan is something we dream of having after a vacation by the sea but it is not necessary to spend all day long under the sun. A few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening are going to be just fine. Besides that, drink a lot of water being on the beach. It is better to refuse from sweet and strongly sparkling drinks. No alcohol is required and do not forget about hats and sun glasses, tanning lotions and sprays.  It is very dangerous to dive into cold water after a long day spent under the sun. Specialists recommend parents of redhead children with white skin and kids suffering from allergies not to leave them under the sun until they got 5 years old.

Water and sand in summer heat are perfect for bacterias. Coliform bacillus, which «lives», both is water and in sand. One should not swallow water while swimming. Pathogenic microorganisms remain on a human`s body and can get in far beyond the beach area.  Which is why it is important to always wash hands and body after visiting public places and to look after children who put their hands in mouth while playing all the time. Parasitic worms whose eggs remain in water and sand after walking dogs on the beach, homeless animals wandering around and people who already have them within their bodies. In order to protect one`s organism, one should use litters on the beach, cafes, benches, etc. Onychomycosis  is a mycotic lesion of nail plates. Infection is everywhere, not in the sand only but also on the benches in the parks, chairs in cafes and any other surfaces, a sick person contacted with. A litter should always be at hand. Leptospiroses is an infection, which makes it into a body through affected skin covers. The disease is dangerous not for health only but also for life.  Its main symptoms are sickness, heavy headache, diarrhea and pain in muscles. In order to avoid being infected, wear shoes on the beach and do not bath if there any open wounds on a body. Tropical ear is an infectious disease, at which pathogenic germs get in a body through the wounds and small scratches near the ears. Inflammatory process goes after affecting accompanied with a strong scratching. Contact a doctor right away in order to avoid complications. Water, which gets in human bowels can also be a source of bloody flux and viral hepatitis A, lice infestation, deer fly fever and other patogenic germs, dangerous for health and even life.

Going on vacation, we all dream of some good rest. Do not forget about useful habits built through years. Especially when it comes to nutrition in particular. Rapid changes in food habits characteristic for vacation might bring you a few extra pounds. Evening tables, high-calorie food, sweets and alcohol are the main opponents both female`s and male`s figure during a vacation. In order to avoid overweight during a vacation: follow a meal plan, consuming food in small portions during a day; move, walk and swim; do morning exercises if you had such a habit; drink a lot of bottled water. Responsible attitude to your food ration during a vacation will help to protect your body from breaking. Visiting new places, do not try to taste as many as possible unknown dishes. Do not drink the local water run-off water and follow ground hygiene rules.

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