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Many interesting places in the world attract travelers. Each area of interest is impressive in its way, but some of them are so secret that an ordinary average person, stepped into the territory without an invitation or special permission, is inevitably waiting for arrest, imprisonment, and sometimes deprivation of life.


This island, located in Iceland, was the result of a volcanic eruption in the 1960s of the last century. In connection with its appearance, scientists had a unique opportunity to observe how a new life is dawning on a dead island. Surtsey is an object as the World Natural Heritage, and access to it is strictly limited since any visit will violate the purity of the experiment.
The only place where a person’s access is allowed is a small house for scientists, where you can spend the night in case of emergency. Also, each researcher passes through the strictest inspection, which is to exclude any accidental entry of seeds or living organisms into the ecological system of Surtsey Island.

Room 39

An institution with the same name is in Pyongyang, North Korea, and it appeared around the year 2011. According to unverified data, Room 39 deals directly with money laundering for Kim Jong-un`s government through fraudulent financial transactions, arms, and drug smuggling.
Even being close to a secret building can be considered as a threat to the regime, and going inside will end for an outside visitor very severely. The arrest, in this case, will seem just a smile of fortune.

Church of St. Mary of Zion

The Ark of the Covenant is in this Orthodox Church in the Ethiopian city of Axum. All pilgrims have access to the new church building, the old one is exclusively for men, but only one person can enter the chapel, where the sacred casket is the keeper of the ark.
He is forbidden to communicate with strangers, the guardian, under any circumstances, does not leave the temple. During the lifetime of the ark, keeper chooses his successor. It is noteworthy that even the patriarch has no right to look at the shrine.

Ni Hao

This Hawaiian island is called the Forbidden for a reason since access to it is strictly limited. About 130 aborigines live here permanently. Only those who have received a personal invitation from the Robinson family, on whose private property the Forbidden Island is, can visit Ni Hao.
The purpose of these severe restrictions lies in the desire of the owners to preserve Hawaiian culture. There is no transport connection, and you can only move in three ways: on foot, on horseback or a bicycle. From afar, it is not forbidden to admire the island, you can even dive off its coast, but an attempt to reach the beach will be as a violation of own territory.

Menwith Hill Military Base

The British military base in North Yorkshire is considered to be the largest organization established to receive information. Huge white balls on a green field – a truly fantastic sight. However, under the snow-white domes lurk powerful antennas that can intercept the signal from all commercial satellites.
The base employs more than 2000 people, each of which has its access code. Naturally, it will be difficult for strangers even to get close to the station, and the consequences of crossing the border of a closed territory are difficult to imagine.

The White`s Club

It is the very first UK men’s club. Rich and powerful gentlemen gather here to unleash their passions: gambling and alcohol are prevalent here.
The access to the club premises is limited for ordinary citizens, and for joining here, you will need not only a tidy sum but also the approval of the candidacy by all members of the club. However, if a gentleman does not have an invitation from three participants, you can not even try to become part of an elite community. Naturally, the whole security service provides a stay at the club of influential people, and violators go to the police station without regret.

The Bohemian Glove

The Bohemian Glove is another elite men’s club located in California. For two weeks in July, the most influential people of the world gather here. They conduct their rituals and even decide the fate of the world. Women in the grove are allowed, but their stay is limited. After 10 PM, all the representatives of fair sex must leave the club.
Naturally, the appearance on the own territory without an invitation entails immediate punishment.

Jiangsu national Security Educational Museum

Visiting this Chinese museum is fraught with evil consequences only for those who are not Chinese citizens. The fact is that the Chinese carefully protect their secrets, so photographing is strictly prohibited here.
All exhibit items in this museum are nothing more than historical documents about Chinese espionage and samples of spy equipment.

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