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What Is The Most Popular Color For A Bridesmaid Dress?

If there is one day to be singled out that will be remembered forever, then it is the wedding day.

Activism Climate

We’ve Lost 35 Percent of Forests in the Past 300 Years

Since 1990, an estimated 178 million hectares of forest have been lost worldwide. And one hectare is around 100,000 square

world population

World Population To Hit 8 Billion In November, With India Overtaking China As Most Populous

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United Nations estimated Monday that the world’s population will reach 8 billion on Nov. 15

the difference emotional neglect and emotional invalidation
Kids People

The Difference Between Emotional Neglect and Emotional Invalidation (and How They Affect Children)

Here are two examples of ways emotional neglect and emotional invalidation can manifest: Imagine a child wanting to tell their

no one is coming to save you you can save yourself

No One is Coming to Save You (You Can Save Yourself)

Have you ever felt so low and powerless that all you can do is look up and hope that someone

Start Your Days On the Right Foot
Motivation People

8 Ways to Stay Calm When Feeling Overwhelmed

Life can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you’re trying to juggle work, family time, and errands during the average day.

Motivation People

Top 10 Things To Do When Bored

Nothing is worse than finally finding some free time after long hard weeks of work to get stuck in a

Activism People

It took more than 200 years to end slavery. Juneteenth honors that fight

By Patricia S. Daniels Published June 17, 2022 On June 17, 2021, President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. signed the Juneteenth

how to get through a dry spell in your relationship
Sex & Relationship

How to Get Through a Dry Spell in Your Relationship

Everything seems better at the beginning of a relationship, but especially the sex. Impromptu romps in the sack are the

tips to make your online learning more effective

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Online Learning More Effective!

Online learning needs concentration to be successful. Follow the article here and learn the tips to make it more effective

smiling couple sitting couch with phones
Sex & Relationship

What Your Sexts (or Lack Thereof) Say About Your Relationship

The rise of smartphones with great cameras is one of many modern innovations that only reinforced an enduring fact of

male libido loss
Health & Fitness Sex & Relationship

Libido Loss: When Men Don’t Want Sex

The desire for sex – your libido – tends to lessen with age in men. A 2019 study of more

stop the guns

Surgeons, Who See It Up Close, Offer Ways to Stop Gun Violence

June 2, 2022 – Trauma surgeons are in the tough position of seeing victims just after gun violence across the

how to complain about bad service without being a jerk

How to Complain About Bad Service Without Being a Jerk

Have you ever gotten a bad meal at a restaurant, then proceeded to eat it anyway? Have you ever told

motorbike laws
Lifestyle People

What to Know About Motorcycle Laws in California

Every state has its own laws and guidelines for the operation of a motorcycle. California tends to have a stricter

lighting joint wife home

Effects of Marijuana: How Pot Affects Your Body & Mind

Do you know what smoking weed causes? Understanding the internal processes behind the ‘high’ can greatly assist your smoking journey.

reasons to wear a helmet while riding your bike

5 Reasons to Wear a Helmet While Riding Your Bike

Despite the police department’s thoughtfulness, many are still hesitant to wear helmets for a variety of reasons, including: Helmets are

group people working out business plan office

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Energy & Your Work

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. We all have those periods in our lives where we feel as

perfect eyeglass shape that suits your face shape

How To Nail The Perfect Eyeglass Shape That Suits Your Face Shape?

Making the right choice when it comes to sunglasses can be very important since it will affect your appearance and

the ukrainian girl singing im free in a shelter
Kids World

The Ukrainian girl who moved by singing “I’m free” in a shelter, performed the national anthem of her country in a stadium in Poland

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process. Her name