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Motor-Propeller Combination

What is the Importance of Motor-Propeller Combination in Aerial Vehicles?

There has been a rapid increase in the use of drones in recent history and its popularity is increasing every year. The widespread use and future capabilities of these drones will require further research and classification of propellers to maximize their performance. As a result, there needs to be continuity in the development, maximization and optimization of the propeller test stand’s ability to collect accurate and precise measurements. Having the ability to accurately characterize a propeller based on its thrust and torque is a significant advantage. These systems provide the transportation needed by the aircraft. If the specified (selected) engine-propeller combination does not meet the thrust required by the aircraft or is not an efficient combination, this will cause the aircraft to operational inefficiency. Thanks to these ground tests, the performance of the aircraft is tested on the ground. Thanks to the tests, the R&D studies will go into productization in a shorter time without resulting in product wastage and will shorten the project period.

What is Motor-Propeller Combination?


Each engine has a range of rpm and propeller diameter at which it operates more efficiently. By making the right engine-propeller combination, it ensures a fast and safe progression of the process during the design phase of the aircraft. In short, we can say that the two important elements in the propulsion system of the aircraft are the harmony of the engine and the propeller. Professional Aviation companies and all aircraft manufacturers design to maximize their range and knowing which combination is more efficient.

What problems will it cause if the motor-propeller combination is undesirable?

propeller of an helicopter
Close up of propeller and a helicopter mechanism

If the aircraft is flown or tested without these tests and accidents will ocur such as electric motor burn-out, propeller destruction, reduced flight time and battery damage due to high current. In this case, besides the R&D projects and manpower worked for months, it also reduces the motivation of the whole team. However, it prevents or prolongs the elimination of other problems other than engine-propeller that need to be identified and revised.

How should the Motor-Propeller Combination be?

steel blades of turbine propeller
Steel blades of turbine propeller. Close-up view. In B/W

First of all, the estimated weight of the aircraft is calculated when making the first selection of the engine and propeller. Then, engine and propeller pairs that will provide this thrust are researched from reliable engine and propeller manufacturers. During this research, attention should be paid to the recommended propeller diameter range for the selected engine. Then, the selected engine-propeller pair should be tested in the Dynotis thrust test system and cross-checked.

How Can We Test Engine-Propeller Combination Efficiency?

Your chosen engine-propeller-battery-esc combination is mounted on the Dynotise. Then, Dynotis and your computer are connected. The motor, battery and propeller values you use can be entered into the interface and tested at the desired rpm with the desired scenario.

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