10 methods to ensure positive thinking

Many of us tend to think of negative energy as something mystical, that “bad vibe” that only hippies and gypsies who read hands talk about. As a result, we do not notice that this energy – which occurs in the form of comments, looks, complaints, gestures – surrounds us on a daily basis, influencing our thoughts and emotions and largely determining our actions.

The reality is that negative energy is everywhere , and being exposed to it is so detrimental to our emotional well-being (and yes, our professional success) that avoiding it should become a staple matter.

These are 10 practices that will help you get away from negativity and have positive thinking that propels you towards your goals. Ready to apply them daily to your life?

1. Be cautious when choosing who you surround yourself with

The saying goes well: “tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are.” Deciding who to let into your life is not something you should take lightly. People who choose to live positively discard associating with evil, envious or complaining people, and seek to surround themselves with optimistic, well-intentioned people who are always ready to help.

2. Take care of the stimuli you receive

It may sound exaggerated, but EVERYTHING that goes into your body – and we’re not just talking about food – influences your emotions. This includes what you see, hear, and smell on a daily basis. If the first thing you hear when you wake up is bad news, the first thing you read is work emails, and the first thing you hear is hundreds of horns, how do you expect your body and mind to start the day?

3. Practice some discipline that focuses your mind

In this chaotic world it is important to create a space dedicated to “clearing” your mind of negative stimuli and refocusing it on your growth. You can sign up for yoga classes (or why not practice it from home) or meditate , even for five minutes a day. Do you prefer to draw? Attend dance classes? Cook? It’s up to you.

4. Exercise

Exercising is much more than vanity: it is a condition of being and feeling healthy. Physical training releases endorphins, neurotransmitters that are associated with a feeling of well-being. Incorporating an exercise routine into our daily lives will reduce stress, improve our mood and boost our self-esteem. What other reason do you need to start moving those muscles?

5. Don’t underestimate your rest

In a world that reveres overwork and is obsessed with productivity, rest is often underestimated – and even rejected. If you want to maintain your sanity, do not fall into this mistake. Having time to relax, read, go out or practice hobbies is as important as growing professionally and attracting money to your bank account. Learn to value the time you spend with yourself!

6. Get away from the routine

Everyday stress can be quite absorbing. What if you made an effort to avoid falling into this black hole? In addition to creating spaces during the day to have a break, getting away from the routine for a couple of days is a great help to clear your mind and start over. If possible, travel to a place away from the city, where you can breathe fresh air and forget about your worries . Can’t you get too far away? Look for relaxing activities in your city.

7. Accept failure as part of growth

It is an inescapable fact: failure is part of life, and it is up to each of us to face it as learning or to feel defeated. When having a mistake, instead of being discouraged, think: “why did I fail?”, “What can I learn from this?” Thomas A. Edison said well: “I have not failed. I have simply found 10 thousand roads that do not work ”.

8. Learn to control your thoughts and emotions

Emotional intelligence is just that: the ability to manage our thoughts and emotions rather than letting them dominate us. Knowing how to control our anger, anger, sadness and negative thoughts is essential to achieve our goals … and enjoy the process.

9. Learn to say “no”

Of course, it is important to be generous and help others when possible. But knowing how to say no when necessary is a skill that will help you effectively use your most valuable asset: time. Saying “no” is taking control of your life and directing your energy toward the things that are truly important to you.

10. Don’t seek approval from anyone

Do you let your life be governed by the opinions of others? You sure feel paralyzed. Focus your priorities instead of seeking approval from others and you will feel freer than ever!

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