Is It Possible To Change During A Year Of Traveling

I managed to travel to the top of my bent during my university. I visited about all North America during my internship in the USA; I were to Hawaii and even managed to live in a few California cities. When I got back home, I began traveling through Europe, Asia, and Latin America. It was the kind of experience, which changed my attitude toward the world. Here are eight principles traveling taught me.

how traveling change me

Live in the now

There was a time when I lived in Los-Angeles, took part in talk shows for a song, I did not have enough money even for food. Furthermore, I became seriously ill. I had to make an important choice back then. I stopped for a moment and understood what I wanted.
I have always had a dream to go to Hawaii. I had enough money for a one-way ticket only. One day I even happened to sleep on the beach, I lived out a tsunami, but it put me on heels. It is as if I started a new life. Since then, “Carpe Diem” has become my motto.

Value what you have.

I remember my first travel around Europe. I was sitting at the railway station in Denmark waiting for a bus to Germany. I got e xhausted, cold, I wanted one thing only just to lay down and fall asleep, and it did not matter to me where.
When I came over Italy, I had to spend a few nights in a row right in the airport. I had 3 EURO in my pocket. I was waiting for something cheap to eat until I found Italian bread focaccia. It smelled so good that I could not resist and spent my last money on it. It was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted.

Do not try to find your country, a place where you would feel comfortable and enjoyable.

Before I left for the USA, I studied in one of the best universities of my country, and a few months later, I was making coffee in cake-shop of San Francisco and was carrying heavy cooking pots with soup. I caught myself thinking do I need this?
Sometimes we do not realize that there is no need to look for a perfect place. Moving to some other area, we take our thoughts, views, and values – ourselves. We build our environment, and we are the only ones who are responsible for what it is.

The main thing is not where you are but whom you are with.

My friend invited me over a picnic with friends in China. The guys could hardly talk English while my knowledge of Chinese was basic.  Despite the language barrier, we found common ground.
Besides, they did their best to show their hospitality. We exchange emails with some of them until now.

Give back to the community.

I was working in the local hospital of colonial city Antigua in Guatemala. I was helping with little kids, and in my spare time together with a friend, we were visiting low-income families and helping them.
It was not financial help, and we just did what was required back at the moment: to help with a hothouse, to work on homework, cook something while the mother is at work.
Often, we forgot about other people and their problems but got offended when somebody forgets about us. We help ourselves by helping others.

Learn and teach.

Traveling always enriches the mind with knowledge. I study public law, which is why journeys help me with study more than ever. When would I get a chance to talk with real revolutionists as it was in Nicaragua, to get into jungles to the Red, to make a national liberation army activist in Mexico talk and to discuss problems of politics riding a bus in Beijing whispering?

Be unpredictable, do not be afraid of something new.

Spontaneity is the best part of traveling. You cannot plan everything especially some exciting events. They appear when we do not expect them to happen. Besides, one should always try something new: to master a new kind of sport, to learn to cook dishes of the local cuisine, to cope with the fear and do what you were afraid of doing before.
There were often situations in my life when I had to think fast where to go, where to live, what to do. And I did not go wrong once. There were always interesting people to meet and unforgettable stories whether those were going down the volcano or a chance to get a crocodile hunter interviewed shot on BBC in Costa Rica.

Do not stop.

I stayed at locals during traveling many times. Those, not wealthy families shared everything they had. I saw what it is like when a family does not have any money even for food, and people had to sleep on the floor or huddle on one tiny bed.
It is hard to swallow, but it is possible to live without the latest mobile phone models, computers, luxurious cars and be happy because there is something more valuable you have, which is a healthy family, thoughtful friends, harmony with yourself. Value what you have and do not stop. Ever.
About the author: Melisa Marzett is a writer, a traveler, a cinemagoer and a recipe developer who currently writes for Professional Sky Writing Services providing with papers written seamlessly.

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