Is It Painful Getting Your Body Pierced?

As the old saying goes, “no pain, no gain.” The same is true when it comes to body piercing, as many parts of the body are a little more than uncomfortable when the needle penetrates the skin. As distasteful as it may be, a piercing is nothing more than a puncture wound with a piece of jewelry inserted into the hole.

Is It Painful Getting Your Body Pierced

Many individuals would seriously consider body piercing, but the potential for pain is too much for the weak of heart. In most instances, the pain associated with the actual piercing is not nearly as extreme as believed.

The best way to determine the amount of pain associated with a specific type of body piercing is to ask someone who has experienced the pain firsthand. This is also an excellent way to determine if you really want to have that specific part of your body pierced, since a pierced individual will be able to inform you of any complications, infection, or problems he or she has experienced with the body piercing.

Another way to determine the amount of pain associated with a body piercing is to speak with a piercer. These individuals who pierce a variety of body parts for a living are usually able to walk you through the entire process from cleaning the needle to the healing process.

Generally, tongue piercings are generally thought to be the most painful, but in actuality, many believe the belly button to be the most painful area to be pierced. The tongue has a tremendous healing capacity, allowing it to quickly bounce back from any sort of trauma. Generally, tongue piercing is most associated with swelling, but little bleeding or pain. Belly buttons tend to have the greatest problems associated with piercing since the belly button takes an extremely long time to heal. Often, the belly button can take up to one year to heal completely, and is often prolonged due to the position on the body. Jewelry is likely to become snagged on clothing, therefore irritating the wound further.

Most piercers use a type of cooling spray or numbing lotion that will temporarily freeze the area and prevent pain. Ask the piercing parlor where you intend to have your piercing done to see if this is an option. Also, many piercers use well practiced techniques to lessen the pain as much as possible.

If you are concerned about the pain, bring a friend or companion to accompany you on your piercing adventure. Be sure to avoid taking any medications or alcohol before you visit a piercer, since piercers will not allow you into their salon if they believe you to be under the influence of any potential medications.

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