How to Check if You Need an International Driving Permit for Your Holiday

It is possible to drive a car or a vehicle they have hired while traveling for a holiday? They’ll need a document called an international driving license in order to do so. It’s only valid when you have both your national and international licenses.

This is the document you can utilize to hire a car in another country or show the police if you’re stopped in one. It’s simple to get and there are no additional driving criteria other than having a national license.

While the term “driver’s license” is commonly used to refer to this document, it is also known as a driving permit. That’s because it isn’t the document that allows you to drive; rather, it’s the other, national version. It may be a blunder to use the wrong name at times, but in certain circumstances, it could result in a hefty fine.

When you’re ready to get your international driving license, be sure to contact the local authorities or the organization that will issue it to you. The process is straightforward and generally takes no more than a few days. Afterward, you’ll be able to drive anywhere in the world with peace of mind!

When Does the Permit Expire?

There are two types of international driving permits. One lasts one year, while the other lasts three. Both of them may be renewed online and while you’re away, which is the same as obtaining a new license. If your old license has expired, you are not permitted to drive until it is revived.

Only a few nations in the world demand drivers to hold a three-year permit. Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina are the only countries in Europe that require this sort of permit.

Is a License the Same as a Permit?

The terms “international driving license” and “international driving permit” are sometimes used interchangeably. They are, however, not the same, and the correct phrase is a “permit.” That’s because if you don’t have a license, your permit does not allow you to drive.

If you search for an “international driver’s license” on Google, you may come across advertisements for an international license. That should be the clue that the ad isn’t to be trusted. Regardless of how costly or official-looking the document appears, if the improper term is utilized – “license” instead of “permit” – then it’s a scam.

How to Get an International Driving Permit?

The permit may be obtained online, and to discover the greatest source for it, go to this website and choose from a range of options that can help you acquire this document. You must have a national driving license to receive the permit, and you’ll need to submit a copy of it as proof.

In addition, there is a small fee involved in obtaining a permit. You’ll also have to submit photos, similar to those found on a passport. After it has been validated, the document arrives at your home within 10 days and you are free to drive in your own car.

What Happens When You Don’t Have the Permit with You?

To drive abroad, you’ll need a driving license. If you’re caught without one, you may face a fine and the financial penalty will be determined on your situation and the country you’re visiting.

In certain nations, you may not be allowed to drive until you obtain the correct documents, and your automobile may be seized as well. Japan has the strictest regulations regarding foreign permits. They have the power to deport you if you’re found without one.

For Which Countries Do You Need a Permit?

If you’re planning on driving while traveling, it’s always a good idea to check if you need an international driving permit. You may not need one for countries that have agreements with your nation. For instance, the United States has agreements with about 150 nations.

These are some of the most popular tourist destinations that do require a permit: Argentina, Australia, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil (if you plan on renting a car), Canada (except Quebec), Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Fiji

The best way to find out is by contacting the embassy of the country or countries you’ll be visiting. They will have up-to-date information and can tell you what documents are required.

Countries that Don’t Accept an International Permit

Some countries do not recognize international permits at all, and they may need you to get a local permit while visiting. China is one of them. You won’t be able to drive in China with a foreign license or an international one. The only way to go is to acquire a local license. A tourist-specific special type of local license that’s easier to obtain and doesn’t last as long is available. That’s your best opportunity for seeing China from the inside out in your own car.


Another notable exemption is Russia, which accepts foreign permits but has more flexible provisions for visitors from the United States. They won’t need to acquire an international permit if their stay in Russia is less than a year. Tourists from the United States are allowed to drive with their national licenses if they are valid during that time (for the most part).

Check the Fine Print

Before you hit the road on your next big adventure, make sure you have all the proper documentation. An international driving permit is easy to obtain and well worth it to avoid any stressful confrontations or penalties down the line. Do your research on which countries require a permit and take care of it before you go. That way, you can focus on enjoying the ride.


Now that you know how to get an international driving permit, there’s nothing stopping you from hitting the open road – except for maybe jet lag! So dust off your map, pack your bags, and get ready for some unforgettable adventures. Bon voyage! Happy travels!

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