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How To Stay Healthy Working Late Hours

Some productions do not imagine their functioning without a night shift, the technology has just taken shape, and in no way can it be broken. Employers also to increase their profitability, introduce night shift. However, the night shift was, is and will be, and nothing can be done about it.

How To Stay Healthy Working Late Hours

However, scientists studied the health of people who have done night shifts for more than ten years. Shift work disrupts the body’s internal clock, changing its biorhythms, which leads to problems with a person’s physical health, for example, cardiovascular diseases and even certain types of cancer. It turned out that the “night” workers, compared to the rest of the workers, have much worse memory and other cognitive functions of a person (attention, orientation in space, coordination, and thinking). Nevertheless, sufficient data on this issue has not been until now.

To find out if there is a link between cognitive impairment and shift work, scientists examined more than three thousand pensioners who are still employed in three regions in the south of France, all of whom underwent a medical examination for ten years and at least 50 days a year worked the night shift. Scientists have experienced memory and processing speed.

As it was necessary to assume, people who were chronically busy during the night shift showed a sharp decrease in mind and rate of information processing and some other cognitive impairments compared with those who never or rarely worked on the night shift. Violations added 6.5 years to the age of each participant.

However, not everything is so wrong. Doctors believe that you can recover after a long night shift work, but you will need at least five years of a typical day’s workday and no night shifts.

In addition to impaired cognitive functions and memory, shift workers experience daytime insomnia problems. To understand what a shift job is, imagine that you are always in such a state as if you had left the aircraft after a long flight. All of this is due to a dissonance between what your biological clock wants to do and what you are doing. After all, sleep is intended primarily to rid the body of metabolic “garbage,” including brainwash, and if a person does not sleep, then there is a tendency to develop neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer or Parkinson’s. Cheerful prospect, is not it?

No matter how simple it all seems, to take and change jobs, but many of us have no choice where, and by whom to work, the life situation is such that we have to put up with night shifts or irregular working hours to secure the necessary level of income. However, experts believe that night shift work may become somewhat “softer” for our body if certain conditions are met:

The work schedule should be provided in such a way that night shifts do not go one after the other, and that the employee has at least two day or evening shifts in a row, which would ensure that the employee can have a good night’s sleep at night;

You can deceive the biological clock if you sleep in a dark room, here come to the aid of thick curtains, the fabric of which does not let the sunlight through;

Respect yourself and teach to respect the sleep time of your loved ones, turn off the phone and ask you not to be disturbed.

The employer sets no wonder that night work is paid at a higher rate, at least 20 percent higher, the specific amount. If you do not have the opportunity to change your place of work for your health, then try to follow the recommendations given here as far as possible and stay healthy.

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