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How to Prevent Air Conditioner from Leaking Water Outside

Dealing with Air Conditioning leaking water outside can be very troubling. The Air Conditioning system is an impressive part of a house and an important unit to keep the house functional because it helps maintain optimal temperature. However, the fact that this unit can last for many years does not eliminate the fact that it can also develop a fault and may need repair or maintenance.

One frequent issue is AC leaking water outside. When this happens and is left unattended, it can later result in big repair issues; read here to learn about this.

What Causes Air Conditioner to Start Leaking Water Outside?

Air Conditioner to Start Leaking Water
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1. Clogged air filter

Though other things can lead to Air Conditioning leaking water outside, clogged filters are the most common cause. When the filter is dirty and clogged, it becomes hard to pass from the unit to the house. While this affects system efficiency, it also means that the evaporator coil can no longer use up all the refrigerant. This traps the liquid refrigerant to stay in the AC, and subsequent build-up will turn to ice and drip out like water.

2. Frozen evaporator coil

When your air conditioner leaks water outside, it may as a result of having a faulty evaporator coil and clogged air filter will cause water to leak from your Air Conditioning Unit. Once the coil is frozen, it can no longer absorb or use the refrigerant in it. This refrigerant later turns to ice and freezes the coil.

3. Crack drain pan

If your air conditioner leaks water outside, you should check the drain pan. A drain pan is placed beneath your evaporator coil, and it is put there to collect dripping water. However, where this part is cracked, it becomes natural for water to leak out your Air Conditioner. Also, an overflowing drain pan can cause leaking. This means that the fact that water is coming out of your AC does not mean you are dealing with a cracked drain pan; it may be overflowing.

4. Clogged condense drain line

Another reason why you may be dealing with water leaking from your AC is if the condenser drain line is blocked. The condenser work by converting the refrigerant into liquid; however, where the drain line is blocked, the condenser becomes less effective, and this can cause water to start leaking from the AC because the condenser is prevented from working on the refrigerant.

How To Prevent The Air Conditioner From Leaking Water Outside?

Prevent The Air Conditioner From Leaking Water Outside
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Preventing the AC from leaking water outside is essential because this can be a sign of significant malfunctions in the system. Hence, where attention is paid to the unit, you may be able to save a lot of money instead of spending it on the repair.

Here is how to prevent this:

1. Proper AC maintenance

The most effective way of preventing your AC from leaking water outside is by ensuring that you keep it under periodic maintenance. Maintaining your system with the service of the right HVAC companies will keep your Air Conditioner in good condition. Some of the things that are done during maintenance include the following

2. Clean or replace the air filter

Your HVAC expert will thoroughly clean the air filter during maintenance, and this is an excellent way to keep the system working efficiently and prevent water from building up in the design and subsequently leaking. Considering the air filter condition, the plumber may even recommend changing the filter completely. This will prevent any damage that may come through a clogged air filter.

How Does It Prevent Water From Leaking?

Prevent Water From Leaking scaled
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When the air filter is unclogged, air can pass freely through it to the air vent, distributed into the house. This means that air is not trapped, and the refrigerant is not left within the system to form ice and drip.

Note: You can easily replace the air filter yourself. Hence, if you are not interested in paying for periodic maintenance, checking your air filter and cleaning or replacing it as the situation demands is a good way to prevent clogged air filters from causing you any problem.

Note that the air filter needs some cleaning when trying the white cloth test. To do this, place a white cloth on the air vent and see if it gets dirty. If the cloth gets dirty, it simply means the air filter is dirty.

Inspect the drain pan and pipe

Another thing that the expert will do during the periodic service is to check the drain pan and the pipe. Since this is the work of an expert, you do not need to disturb yourself with how to open the unit and reach the drain pipe. If the drain pan is cracked, the plumber recommends that you replace it. Where it was overflowing, he emptied the pan and places it back. He also checks for the crack drain pipes.

While it may be hard to remove the drain pan yourself, you can employ a one-time service of an HVAC technician to help you check this and help fix it up whenever you see that water is leaking from the AC. If you cannot afford this at the moment, you can also try and locate the drain pan and fix this using water sealant. However, it is essential to know that doing that can only last for some weeks until the system demands replacing the drain pan.

How Does This Prevent AC From Leaking Water Outside?

Prevent AC From Leaking Water Outside
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When a drain overflows, it can no longer retain any more water, and locating to remove the water is the only way to prevent water from dripping. Similarly, where the drain pan is cracked, sealing it temporarily or replacing it as a whole is the only way to prevent water from leaking.


While water dripping from your Air Conditioner is not bad, sometimes, it can signify a significant issue with the air conditioner. This is why you mustn’t ignore this. Air Conditioning leaking water outside can be a little messy, and if you do not like the sight of that, preventing it is the only solution. Learning how to fix air conditioners leaking water outside can be a little tasking, that is why it is recommended to contact experts to help with that.

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