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Render-blocking resources are a critical part of optimizing the infrastructure of your webpage.

Reducing them can help make your page load much faster and significantly improve your page’s Core Web Vitals.

These render-blocking resources include things like external fonts that take too long to load (that don’t need to be used), unnecessary media files, code bloat that just won’t go away, and additional plug-ins that aren’t necessary.

There is a myriad of these types of resources that you can compress and combine to create single files that download faster on your devices, creating a much faster page speed.

By optimizing your page structure in this matter, you can reduce the amount of work that Google has to do to crawl your site, and you can improve your user experience as a result.

In fact, the full benefits of doing this process include:

  • Faster page speed.
  • Fewer resources required by Google to load your page.
  • Reduction in issues caused by code bloat.
  • Smaller overall file size of your DOM (document object model).
  • Fewer JavaScript and CSS files to download.
  • Better and faster deployment across a range of platforms and devices.
  • Improved user interaction on mobile.
  • Improved performance overall.

Clearly, there are tremendous benefits to performing this type of optimization process on your site.

Why Should You Identify Render-Blocking Resources?

Identifying and reducing resources responsible for blocking the rendering of your webpage is a critical optimization point that can make or break your page speed.

It can be so critical that it can pay dividends to your site’s page experience metrics (and your user’s satisfaction) as a result.

In 2021, the average time it took to fully render a mobile webpage was 22 seconds. In 2018, it was 15 seconds.

Clearly, this is a substantially higher number than Google’s recommended time of two to three seconds. It’s also substantially higher than it used to be.

What could be causing these issues with render-blocking resources?

What is driving this increase in overall page render speed?

One interesting trend to note is that there has been an increasing reliance on third-party fonts compared to system fonts. Using third-party fonts as a resource tends to interfere with the processing and rendering of a page… [read more]

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