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The corporate identity of the YouTube channel is another opportunity to make your platform more popular, original, and beautiful. The logo for the YouTube company also has another name – a corporate watermark.

The corporate identity of the YouTube channel helps to make the resource more recognizable. In addition, it makes it possible to increase the number of subscribers to the channel. At the same time, the logo for the YouTube channel looks completely unobtrusive. You can create a logo in the Turbologo.

Why Do You Need a YouTube Channel Logo?

Effective YouTube branding makes your channel more visible. According to statistics, 86% of companies currently use video as a marketing tool. Therefore, if your brand is not part of this vast majority, you must have a good reason for doing so. Apart from that, there are several grounds why you should make an authentic logo for the YouTube channel, namely:

  • it will increase your credibility as well as your professionalism;
  • it will assist in having a strong brand image;
  • it is easier to get recognition and create a community for yourself.

How to Create an Effective Logo for a YouTube Channel?

Attention spans are known to be short, especially among consumers. In the current situation, YouTube channels have about two seconds to convince the potential audience that their videos deserve attention. A logo can quickly grab people’s attention and convey the channel’s core values interestingly. That brief moment of attention (the one that makes people judge your business by its appearance) can work to your advantage if you have a solid logo that speaks to your channel.

Before starting to create a channel logo, it is essential to understand its purpose:

  1. Brand. Please note that any company has its sign or label. The consumer, looking at this logo, will quickly recognize the brand. They form a certain opinion about the product or service (in this case, about the channel).
  2. Usability. It allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the content or subscribe by clicking on the picture.
  3. Attracting subscribers. It works simply because the logo can be placed in the video itself and the viewer can subscribe to the channel in a few clicks.
  4. The growth of views. If the logo is made in the original style, then it attracts the attention of users.
  5. Promotion. The unique sign makes it much easier to promote the brand.

We live in an era of free creativity, where everyone can succeed. If you have talent, courage, and unusual thinking, then people have been waiting for you for a long time. YouTube is a good platform where creative earnings are successfully implemented. Besides, it is a place where you can broadcast your ideas to people. There are three main ways to make a quality logo for a YouTube channel, namely:

  • draw it yourself;
  • contact a designer or studio;
  • make in an online logo generator in just a couple of minutes.

If you are a creative person with good artistic skills and ideas, you can come up with and draw a logo for your YouTube channel yourself. What matters here is that creating a good logo requires a lot of preparation. The thing is that one of the key characteristics of the most effective logos is their simplicity.
Nevertheless, it is not an easy task to make a simple and recognizable sign. It can give people the illusion that creating a logo is a kind of elementary operation that takes several hours. This is a fairly common mistake and this approach will lead to branding going nowhere. Effective logo design is a complex strategy that involves all steps of the design and marketing process, such as:

  • formulation of the problem;
  • user-research;
  • marketing research;
  • creative search;
  • choice of style direction;
  • choice of the color palette;
  • testing in different sizes and conditions;
  • creating a guideline for using the style, etc.

It comes as no surprise that logo design is a complex process: you need to go through many stages to get an effective result. That is why some companies, including start-ups, start their way in the business field and entrust this important task to professional designers. Practice shows that a logo that is thought out to the smallest detail and tested is a worthy investment.

It is essential to keep in mind that contacting a designer is an expensive service. As a rule, a freelance designer offers 3-4 logo options for a YouTube channel. You may not like the finished result. In addition, sometimes a designer may ask for a few days to develop a logo. Some specialists constantly delay the deadline, putting you at a disadvantage.
The most effective, fast, and reliable way to create a logo for a YouTube channel is to put to use the services of an online logo generator. It is also implemented in several stages. First, you need to enter the name of your YouTube channel, slogan, and select an activity. The next step is to select the colors that will be used to generate the icon. You can specify several palettes at once.

Next, a list of selected icons will open, one of which will become the basis of the future logo for the YouTube channel. You can add up to 5 icons. In addition, sorting by tags is available in the virtual service. After selecting, you must click “View Logos” to view and save the results.

It is worth noting that the virtual logo generator Turbologo provides a huge number of logo options for free. If you like one or more options, you can download them. You only pay for downloads. The whole process takes no more than 10 minutes. Not only will this save you tons of time but it will also inspire you since the service provides thousands of templates.

Tips for Choosing a Logo for a YouTube Channel

The YouTube Channel’s logo creates a strong first impression. The logo represents the channel’s first introduction to consumers. Well-designed, it can arouse the interest of the public and encourage people to learn more about the platform. Otherwise, you just might lose potential customers and screw up your business.

There are certain features that you should be aware of to increase your credibility or even create a strong brand image. First of all, like most other social platforms, your YouTube channel logo will be displayed as a circle, so it will be quite small. Therefore, a resolution of 800 x 800 pixels is recommended in the following formats: JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG with a maximum size of 2 MB. It is located in the top right corner of the page.

First of all, the corporate logo should be recognizable, so you should adhere to the style of the main channel avatar or be a copy of it. The following tips also include specific recommendations from the platform:

  • the logo for a personal YouTube channel must match the content and theme of the videos;
  • it is advisable not to overload the icon with various details and make it plain;
  • bright names and colors can have a positive impact on interaction and overall statistics;
  • a transparent background should be used to ensure that it does not interfere with the comfortable viewing of video on small screens.

Moreover, to come up with a logo design, it is important to determine the target audience in advance. This takes into account age, social, price, and other factors. By having a clear understanding of the target audience you are working with, you can create a brand name that leaves the right impression on potential customers. When developing a logo, it is worth remembering the main advantages of the company and trying to focus on them. Regardless of the choice of type and style in logo design for your YouTube channel, any good logo to be effective must have the following qualities:

  • simplicity;
  • real originality;
  • recognizability;
  • consistency in the application;
  • focus on the target audience;
  • information content;
  • memorability.

You should also pay attention to the font used during creation. If you decide to order a logo, then do not rush to apply the most fashionable novelties of graphic design, as they can quickly become outdated and lose their relevance. It is important that the font does not distract attention from the brand name, but harmonizes well with it.

It is recommended to create a thumbnail image in black and white. So you can decide on the most suitable contrast of individual parts of the sign. Then you can proceed to the selection of colors and shades. For instance, green is often associated with ecology. The white color symbolizes purity.

As you see, the right combination of colors plays an important role. Once you have decided on all the shades to use, you should make sure that the logo works well on both light and dark backgrounds. Ideally, the image should look harmonious in both cases.

The Bottom Line

The channel logo allows you to significantly increase the number of subscribers, views, and, ultimately, the recognition of the project as a whole. Along with the background image, intros and trailer, the logo is one of the most important design elements.

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