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How To Choose The Right Table Base For Your Needs?

Buying the right table is very crucial to sit and relax comfortably. Tables are used for several needs and based on those needs you must choose the right table base ideal for you. There are several table base designs that might look attractive but you must consider certain factors that will help you to make the right purchase.

In this article, you will get insights into some important factors to consider to choose the right table base for your needs.

Factors to consider while choosing the right table base

Indoor or outdoor purpose

Based on indoor or outdoor purposes, you can choose between a metal or wooden table base. A metal table base is ideal for outdoor purposes. They are usually made up of aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Metals are resistant to climatic changes and can withstand exterior temperatures with proper maintenance.

Metal table bases tend to last longer if they are treated properly with a protective coating to prevent rust and corrosion. If you tend to have regular meals in the garden then better choose a metal table base. For indoor purposes, a wooden table base is always recommended.

They look more elegant and are available in unique designs. They are often used as a part of home décor hence you must check the designs and textures carefully. Ensure that you are using good quality timber with distinctive textures to make it look aesthetic and match the theme of your house.

Size of the table top

Up next, you must consider the size of the table top before choosing the right base for your table. If you intend to buy a bigger table top then ensure that the base is wide enough to balance the entire table.

Also, many people have the tendency to keep their foot on the table while eating so ensure that the base is wide enough to provide a space to rest your foot. Ensure that the table top and base has the same shape to provide maximum balance.

Don’t forget to test the stability and ensure that the base provides maximum support to the entire table. Always choose wider columns as they provide more support. There are several other technical details that you must discuss with your carpenter based on your needs.

The height of the table

To select the ideal table base based on your needs you must also consider the height of the table. The right height of the table allows you to have comfortable meals. If you have taller members in your family then look for a base with a higher table height and a shorter table height must be selected for people with standard height.

The height of the table base also depends on the utility of the table. If the table is used for having meals at home then look for a medium-sized base that will provide comfort while having meals.

Whereas tables in bars and clubs tend to have a higher height hence looking for a higher and sturdy base to provide a casual feel. It also helps the waiters to serve food and drinks faster.

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Variety of table bases

There are different varieties of table bases that you must choose based on your needs. The right type of table base ensures maximum comfort and relaxation while having your meals. Also, it must match with the table top for maximum support. If you want a round table top then you must look for a round base with different and unique designs.

Similarly, square table tops look aesthetic with a cross-shaped base. Cross-shaped table bases are also available in several designs and textures that can match the theme of your house. Lastly, long length tables are most suitable with a T-shaped base to provide maximum comfort and stability.

Long length tables are mostly used in offices for conference meetings or at houses with joint families. They have a set of prongs supporting both ends of the table.

Portability of the table

The next factor to consider while choosing a table base is the portability of the table. Several houses don’t have much space to keep permanent dining tables. In such cases, people often prefer to buy movable or portable dining tables that can be easily moved after finishing their meals.

Another advantage of a movable table is that you can also use it outside your house if there is any event or family gathering. Usually, metal table bases are widely preferred because they are lightweight and can be moved easily from one location to another.

You can look for tables with a folding base to facilitate more storage. These are innovative table ideals that look stylish and also make a good home décor.

Price of the table base

Lastly, price is also an important factor to consider while buying table bases. Wooden table bases are usually expensive and based on the type and quality of wood, it can cost you a fortune. But wooden bases are a one-time investment and you don’t have to spend money on replacing them for a long time.

Whereas metal bases made of aluminum and steel are budget-friendly and have a decent life expectancy. Ensure to use a protective coating of paint to prevent rust. Since metal bases are less expensive you can replace them anytime and buy a new design anytime. Also, they are lightweight making it easier for you to move from one place to another.

The Bottom-line

Choosing the right table top can be confusing. These are some important factors to consider before buying a table base based on your needs. Ensure that the base is providing enough stability and support to the top to provide you with a comfortable atmosphere while having meals.

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