Holiday In Kalutara From A To Z

In the south-western part of the paradise island of Sri Lanka is a resort area called Kalutara. It is famous for its numerous local sports clubs. If you like water sports, feel free to go on vacation in Kalutara, Sri Lanka – prices, beaches, entertainment and places of interest here are arranged just along this direction. But not only outdoor activities are possible in this place.

Holiday In Kalutara From A To Z
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Kalutara is a major administrative center in the west of Sri Lanka. The city is located in the southwest of this marvelous country, on the coast of the beautiful Indian Ocean. On the way from the city of Colombo, Kalutara is the very first to meet. It is located immediately behind the Kalu River. This waterway is one of the largest rivers in Sri Lanka. Translating from the local language, this word means “black river.” There is a cozy beach to the north of the bridge connecting the banks of this river.

Kalutara is a real paradise for lovers of active summer holidays. Here you can enjoy extreme windsurfing, go down to the bottom of the ocean scuba diving, go water-skiing, go hunting for marine inhabitants, or take a boat trip. But if you suddenly get tired of sports, other entertainments await you. Every year in Kalutara, a parade of Navam Perahera is held. Its main highlight is that during the festival, the giant elephant takes out the sacred relics from the Buddha temple. Then thousands of locals get the opportunity to bow the knee to them. When it gets dark, a festive illumination is organized in the city about the grand procession. This colorful festival takes place here in February.

You should go for a walk along the waters of the beautiful Kalu River. You can admire gorgeous views, as well as visit the hermit’s island, which is the last waypoint on the route. For children, it will be exciting and beneficial to the development to visit a local educational center called Richmond Castle. There you can leave the child to caring educators and animators, allowing him to do something in circles of various types of creativity at the choice of parents and a kid. As for the nightlife, as such, there are no exclusive nightclubs and discos, but there are parties, shows, and even masquerades in hotels.

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