8 Essential Smartphone Accessories You Need to Buy for Your New Phone

If you have just bought your new phone, it is time to decorate it with the best means possible. A smartphone is known not only for its features and the environment device mechanism that will help get a world at your fingertips, but it is also known for endless customization that will not only happen inside the screen but also outside of it. If you want to make your new phone indicator of your personality, then there are multiple options that you should consider buying. Here is a list of some of the most popular smartphone accessories that are essential for every phone.

Selfie Sticks

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Whether or not you are into clicking pictures, a selfie stick will come in handy, especially if you love to travel. If you like to document each moment as it passes, then a selfie stick is an essential addition that you must invest in. In today’s age of social media, it is very common for people to get invested in vlogging. So whether it is a Livestream or a video you are making to post later, getting a selfie stick will be worth every penny.

Phone Case

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Whether or not you buy a selfie stick is secondary to this essential item that you must-have for your new phone. Having a phone case is important for every smartphone owner who does not want the screen to crack any time you accidentally drop it on the ground. While silicone cases are the most popular because of their resilience to protect your phone from every angle, hard case covers are also significantly popular.

If you want a functional accessory that has the ability to protect your phone from any damage, then choose a silicone cover in any solid color of your choice. Hard cases are popular because they offer customization and include pictures of characters. We recommend getting a phone case when you have your smartphone in hand.

Phone Holder

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A phone holder has become just as important as a phone case. Getting a ring phone holder or a pop-up phone holder has become a popular purchase, so much so that phone cases and phone holders are bought together. It is not because of aesthetics that people are choosing to invest in a phone holder. If you have prior experience of accidentally dropping your phone, you realize that maintaining a firm grip on your device is essential.

So, an item that will help you keep your phone in your hand, exactly where it is supposed to be, has to be included in the essential items list. Whether one chooses a pop-up phone holder or a ring phone holder is entirely their choice and personal preference. There are many aesthetic options available for the same so that you can match your phone cover with your phone holder.

Screen Protector

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When you buy a new smartphone, it comes with a scratch guard. While a scratch guard does protect your screen from any scratches that it might sustain during endless hours of scrolling and typing, it fails to offer any protection to your screen in case you drop your phone accidentally. A screen protector means getting tempered glass on your screen.

We are including it in an accessory list because you will have to pay for it separately. You can buy the screen guard online or at the shop you bought your phone from. Just make sure that the size of the screen protector matches that of your smartphone screen to the dot.


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There was a time when smartwatches were considered a luxury that people really thought of getting while getting a smartphone. The time has passed, and smartwatches have become as much of a necessity as smartphones are. From providing easy access to your phone controls and making life even more convenient, smartwatches have many other uses like a fitness tracker and medical devices. You can not only attend calls directly from your smartwatch but can listen to music and, of course, tell the time.

Power Bank

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If your phone has a long battery life, you do not have to worry about carrying a Power Bank around. But if you are planning a trip and want to keep your phone’s power at least at a functioning level, it may be time to get a power bank. A power bank is an investment that you will not regret making because even after you come back from your trip, you can continue to use it just like a charger.

You will not have to worry about keeping your phone at a hundred percent if you buy a power bank. The portability factor is a big advantage which is why it has become an essential item for anyone who cannot find time to put their phones on charge. To know more about what your phone needs, try out this website.

Headphones or Earphones

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Getting compatible headphones and earphones with your new smartphone is an accessory that will be a game-changer. If you want to enjoy listening to music and watching entertainment programs on your smartphone, then getting noise-canceling headphones over earphones will be the best investment you make. You can also go with Bluetooth headphones for ease of use.

Car Mounts

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For anyone who regularly drives, getting a car mount for your smartphone is a necessity. You can not risk getting distracted while you are driving, which is why a car mount will always be a safer option. Car mounts can be customized according to your phone size and can be attached to different surfaces as per your convenience. It will help you navigate while using your phone better. You do not have to worry about having to replace the car mount because they have a long life.

The Takeaway

Most of the smartphone accessories of today are related to making life more convenient and helping you enjoy the smartphone experience to the brim. So, if you want to truly take advantage of the device in your hand, do not be afraid to customize it as per your personal preferences. The best part about all of the accessories mentioned in this article is that they do not have to be bought at the same time.

You can take your time and choose which accessories you need to buy right away and which ones you can wait for. Getting phone cases and car mounts seems to be a priority job. Each smartphone accessory is designed to make the experience of using your new phone richer, so make sure you have fun.

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