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Break Up Relationship – Always Keep Your Dignity

How do you get over the pain of a break up relationship? One day at a time, that’s how. Sometimes, just one minute at a time. With time and a smattering of patience thrown in, you can pretty much make it through anything.

Break Up Relationship Always Keep Your Dignity

Keep a level head on your shoulders and accept the break up relationship with dignity. Do not do or say anything that could potentially come back to bite you in the rear end. Just accept the reality of the situation, cut your losses and learn to move on.

When the dust settles after the initial break up. You need to allow time for the grieving. You bet, I said grieving. The grieving process can be a lot like it is when someone you love dies. There are certain steps you must take to come out the other side. So let yourself feel the sadness, or the anger and resentment, for as long as it takes to get through it.

If the hurt is too much to handle then find someone to talk to or go online and join a forum or a chat room about lost loves and get some advice there. In this digital world today this is where most of the “therapy” happens and you can find forums or chat rooms or blogs on any subject under the sun.

If the relationship you were in was the type that made you put some of your friendships on the back burner then go ahead and reconnect with those that you set aside. They will be glad to hear from you. Some of them may have their nose out of joint because they will feel slighted but if you apologize then all should be well and you can back to being friends again.

The same thing applies to your family. Plan a family dinner and cook all your favorite dishes. Make this a real “feel good” type reunion, so to speak. Family is family and they are there for you no matter what.

One more thing to remember, do not attempt to start seeing someone new unless and until you are completely ready to. This sort of behavior can only result in more hurt. For you and the new guy, too. Rebound relationships rarely ever work. Just take your time and learn to be yourself for a while.

Change up your routine. Find something new to do with your free time. Take some day trips to places you have always wanted to go. There is bound to be somewhere real close by that you have never been to before.

Here’s what you do, get an atlas or just a map of your area and check out what types of things there are within a 100 mile radius of you house. Make a list and then just start at the top and go on down the list. Pretty soon the break up relationship will be a distant memory.

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