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Advantages of stone sinks over regular sinks

Imagine a regular bathroom, a completely standard room which is an essential part of every household. There is a high chance that you see pale walls, a shower, a toilet and a dull white ceramic sink.

Stone sinks for sale

They are designed for kitchens and bathrooms which are one of the most unique products on the global market. A completely new approach to them was introduced back in the 2008, after the first quality control inspection was conducted. Each year we participate in international design shows in order to promote our products which are different from regular sink taps and therefore require a special approach to the promotion.

They originally come from volcanoes and quarries located in central part of Indonesia, that is Java Island. This alone makes them so unique that customers as far as in Europe are desperate to obtain stone sinks and matching items, like bathtubs or mosaics.

Each product is unique and unrepeatable. You wouldn’t get two same products, because each fragment of marble contains rich and exquisite vein tunnels which gives it its charm. River Stone, a type of basalt, is also completely unique. It makes these products so special.

There are so many products available, so many stone variants, so many design and models. Stone sinks can even be made from royal material that is onyx. Models made of onyx can be illuminated by external lights. Try to put washbasin like this to a dark-coloured interior and be amazed with the result. Forget about dull and pale bathrooms, use natural stone washbasin or natural stone bathtubs and turn your interior into an awe-inspiring place.

See for yourself that natural stone is resistant to time. Once used, a stone washbasin or a stone bathtub will stay with you for many years. Even if you decide that you need to modernize the bathroom interior – the sink will remain the same and you will only change the surroundings. This is how it works – nature is addictive and anyone who has once placed a natural stone washbasin in their interior says it.

Stone washbasins can be of various shapes, colors and sizes. You decide what fits your interior and how you want it to look – nature does the rest. Choose polite and polished marble, or use the rugged nature of river stone sinks or petrified stone wood.

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