A Guide to Kalutara

Kalutara is a famous resort area on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. In addition to the clean, warm water and the endless sandy beaches of Kalutara, tourists may be interested in the Buddhist temple of Kalutara Bodiya and excursions along the Kalu-Ganga River. Tours in Kalutara are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It has everything you need for practicing any water sports. You will not have to turn back home empty-handed either.


This town on the Indian Ocean is by no means cheap. And people come here mainly for the charms of active and extreme relaxation. Sailing, scuba diving and hunting, windsurfing, water skiing and much more await guests at the golden beaches of Kalutara. The sand here is massive, hot, and clean. And the descent into the water is chilly, which is suitable for extreme sports, but not too joyful for a family vacation. Tourists are advised not to let children into the water unattended and not to swim during a strong surf.


If you came not only for the depths and secrets of the sea but also for the sake of earthly impressions, then you will quite find something to do. Residents of Sri Lanka carefully follow the traditions of Buddhism, and this is especially noticeable in February when Navam Parahera is celebrated here. The white spire of the temple of Dagobah Kalutara Vihara is visible from afar, a Bo tree grows near it, under which gifts are often left to receive enlightenment. And having learned the traditions of the temple of Asokaram, you better understand the spirit of this land.

If you have a few beauties created by man, think about natural ones. This is not only about the Black River, Kalu Ganga, which should also be given attention. And not even about the remarkable beaches of the resort. You can visit the Fa Hien Cave, located near the city. And the waterfall, which is also worth exploring, can be reached by tuk-tuk in about half an hour. European traditions here also traced their roots quite well, and architecture left noticeable traces in various street compositions. So a couple of mansions of the colonial period, the ruins of an old fort and a canal of Dutch construction you will find here easily.


This is seen by the guests of Kalutara, bright, varied, and fragrant with aromas of spices. They should be brought with you as a souvenir.

The southwestern part of Sri Lanka, 43 km from the state capital Colombo – this is where Kalutara, one of the most attractive resorts of the island, is located. From ancient times, the population of Kalutara was engaged in the cultivation of Indian rubber, spices, and fruits. These goods attracted the colonialists here. Portuguese, Dutch, British – all of them in different historical periods owned this territory, which affected the life and architecture of Sri Lanka.


The city of Kalutara was founded in the XI century by the prince of South India and to this day has retained a focus on elite relaxation. The resort has many fashionable hotels, water sports clubs. This is facilitated not only by the Laccadive Sea but also by the Kalu Ganga River, the Black River, in whose honor the city is named. Therefore, today, not only traders in rubber, spices, and exotic fruits come to the resort, but also tourists for water skiing, diving, rafting, windsurfing, and other extreme entertainment.

As in most southern countries in this region, avoid buying water on the street and even ice in Sri-Lanka. Raw water is fraught with many unpleasant surprises for guests who are unaccustomed to the local microflora.

You need to go to temples with your head covered, but barefoot. The floors are not clean, so take a few sets of socks for this purpose. Learn all the rules of conduct in temples; locals are very sensitive about it, albeit condescending towards tourists.

Your choice is light clothing, shirts, and T-shirts. Be sure to bring hats with you. Be prepared for the fact that it is hot, humid and stuffy in the vicinity of Kalutara if the wind does not blow from the ocean or the depths of the island.

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