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6 Ways to Make 2017 Your Strongest Year Yet

Although there tends to be a lot of talk about losing rather than gaining weight, there are a lot of people whose aim it is to sculpt their bodies through strength training and gaining lean muscle. If you are inspired to join the badass ladies who lift, here are six things to remember in your quest to get bolder, better, faster, and stronger!

Eat More

Although there has been a lot of talk about macros and weight loss, counting your macros can be just as beneficial when you are trying to gain lean muscle.
If you’re after major gains, aside from working out consistently the other thing you have to be on top of is your nutrition. Muscles need carbohydrates and protein to grow, so making sure you’re eating enough of each as well as your other food groups, will get you further towards your goal.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

In order to keep getting stronger and avoid stalling, your workout routines have to challenge and activate the same muscles in different ways. Our bodies adapt quite quickly to what we teach them, venture out of your comfort zone by substituting moves you’re not used to for the moves you practice weekly.

Perfect Your Form

Form is more important than both reps and weights. Perfecting your form is one of the building blocks of starting out on a strength-training journey. Before adding any weights, start out with body weight workouts that allow you to get stronger while getting the basic moves like squats down.

Lift Heavier

Lifting weights beyond your body’s capabilities can compromise your form and cause injury, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge yourself. Getting out of your comfort zone can be hard, but if your workout is starting to feel too easy and you can barely feel your post-workout DOMS, it might be time to increase your weights.

Don’t Forget to Stretch

It should go without saying that stretching is an important part of any workout routine, but it doesn’t always feel like there’s enough time between meal prepping, working out, and sleeping to fit in a stretch session.
The benefits of stretching include increased range of motion for your joints, injury prevention, and better recovery from DOMS, so find ways to get an effective stretch into your day whether it’s just for a few minutes at your desk or in bed.

Let Your Body Rest

There’s nothing quite like getting in your training zone and hitting your training goals consistently, but be mindful of how much you’re doing and remember to give your body the rest it need — and deserves! Every time you lift weights or strength train, you tear small fibres in your muscles that need time to repair themselves between sessions. There are a number of restorative ways to keep active on your rest days that’ll give you the rush of endorphins you’re after.

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