6 Handy SEO Autocomplete Tools

Google autocomplete provides search suggestions while typing in the query box or Chrome address bar. The suggestions are based on the search volume of each query, making autocomplete a helpful research tool to identify popular terms on a topic.

Autocomplete can predict search journeys because target customers will likely select one of the suggestions instead of their own words or phrases.

Multiple tools can export keyword autocomplete suggestions from Google, Bing, YouTube, and other search engines, expediting the discovery of new terms, including those related to a brand.

Here are six to consider.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator provides keyword popularity for nine search engines, including Google, YouTube, Bing, and Amazon. For Google, the tool pulls all autocomplete suggestions for a base keyword by country and language. The tool extends words as every letter and number is typed, mimicking autocomplete.

It doesn’t show precise search volume for each keyword, instead providing a score of 1 to 100 based on the popularity relative to autocomplete terms, with “100” terms marked as “Hot.”

Those metrics provide some value, although I prefer the actual volume for each word. The tool’s filters can group queries by a common word, find longer phrases, and even exclude words.

The free version of Keyword Tool Dominator allows for two searches per day. Paid plans start at $9 per month.

AdWords Robot

AdWords Robot is a simple Google autocomplete scraper. It extends a core term with the search engine’s suggestions. There are no extra features, but it’s a quick way to see how Google extends keywords. The tool groups suggestions by adding letters and numbers to a core word or phrase.

Yoast has a similar tool, but it extends a query only with letters, not numbers (such as size or age).

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is an advanced search term provider with few free features. The platform shows autocomplete suggestions for core terms on 13 search engines, including Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, and TikTok.

Paid plans for Keyword Tool start at $89 per month to access keyword search volume, competition, and trends.

Keyword Discovery SEO

Keyword Discovery SEO is a free Chrome extension that extracts Google autocomplete data for a word or phrase.

The tool groups suggestions by inserting “are,” “can,” “how,” “what,” when,” and “where” to a core term. From a query of “red shoes,” for example, the suggestions include:

  • are red shoes in style
  • can red shoes go with anything
  • how to style red shoes
  • what red shoes mean
  • when to wear red shoes
  • where red wing shoes made

Clicking the link icon next to each suggestion produces a Google search for that term. The tool extends queries with every letter and preposition (e.g., for, of, with).


SERP Help is another free Chrome extension to generate and copy Google autocomplete suggestions for any query. It’s a timesaver.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public pulls autocomplete suggestions from Google, YouTube, and Bing and organizes them into five categories:

  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons
  • Alphabetical
  • Related

The tool allows one search per day without registering and three per day with free registration. Paid plans start at $9 per month for 100 daily queries, which include helpful data such as search volume and pay-per-click demand.

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