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Customer service is famous for being the service people love to hate. The days of a customer writing a formal letter of complaint just to be heard are long gone, but the agony of waiting on hold with only light jazz playing on the other end of the line persists. Long hold times and repeated call transfers without answers can contribute to customer frustration and damage your brand reputation over the long term.

In our digitally developing world, there is a plethora of ways to get in touch with companies, yet calling via phone and waiting forever to reach a customer service professional still seems to be the norm. This method of contact can be especially damaging for utility and other service companies as their services oftentimes deliver on basic needs such as electricity, water, or plumbing.

Moreover, for customers with extra accessibility needs, poorly thought-out customer service can be even more detrimental; it can limit someone’s ability to get help and hinder their rights as buyers. Ensuring efficient customer service channels is key to maintaining a happy, loyal, and satisfied customer base.

So, the question then becomes…

How Can Companies Make Customer Service More Accessible?

Creating accessible customer service should be near the top of a company’s priority list. Accessible customer service can not only solve problems and keep customers from fleeing but boost trust and loyalty by making customers feel heard and understood.

Here are some strategies that can help companies enhance their customer service channels.

1. Use the Technology at Your Fingertips

Technology isn’t the enemy of creating accessible customer service; it’s your dearest friend. With technology, such as a virtual receptionist or real-time message administration, you can gain the scalability and automation you need to deliver accessible customer service.

Technology can empower people with complex needs, offering multiple ways of engaging with your company, and allowing people to find a communication style that works for them.

2. Provide Multiple Options

Choice is one of the most basic ways a company can provide for people with accessibility needs. You may need to find out which option suits your audience, so providing multiple communication options puts the consumer in the driver’s seat.

A human touch is important when providing multiple options. If someone arrives at your customer service hub and has more complex needs, a live agent can refer that customer to the best service or mode of communication — even if that solution is makeshift. It is important to be patient as you offer options and wait for the individual to tell you what they need rather than assume.

3. Don’t Forget About Personalization

One of the most frustrating aspects of a bad customer service experience is feeling like you’re just another person in a long line — that the company you are needing help from doesn’t care about you. Personalization can make customers feel uniquely heard and seen. There is a big difference between calling a company and talking to a bot versus a real employee who can empathize and solve specific problems.

Creating accessible customer service begins by blending technology with a human, personalized touch. Show people you care, that you’re listening, and that their problem matters to you, and give them plenty of ways to engage with you because everyone is different.

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