20 Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

Doing something good to someone comes around to you like a boomerang. And these are not just empty words. I think you know yourself how it often happens: after doing an act of kindness, after a while, you get an unexpected gift of destiny. Let us remember what kind of good deeds we can do on a regular basis to cheer up and make the world more humane.

Hold the door back going out

1. Hold the door back going out
It would seem a simple rule of politeness, but how many people being in a hurry forget about this simple trifle. And the person following you will certainly appreciate the fact that you have stopped for a second and held the door for him.

Work for charitable causes

2. Work for charitable causes
Finally, go through your wardrobe and give unnecessary things away to orphanages or to another place, for example, where a natural disaster occurred recently (such charges are made regularly). You do not need these things at all but they will bring joy to someone, they will warm someone up and maybe even save you from death.

dish spoon 3

3. Leave a fine comment on your favourite café
We are generous with the negative reviews. As soon as someone offends us, friends from all social networks will find out about it. When everything is fine, we somehow do not rush to shout about it on every street corner. If you like a cafe or some other institution, leave a positive feedback about it. It will not take much time, and the cafe will acquire several new visitors. Oh, and yes, your friends will most definitely thank you for advising a good place where they spent a wonderful evening.

blood donation veroia

4. Donate blood
If you were not too lazy to go to a blood transfusion station once, you already saved someone`s life.

Home Health Care for the Elderly

5. Try to spend some time working as a volunteer at home for elderly people
Oh, it is not easy. You need to have a certain attitude of mind to spend at least a few hours in an assisted-living facility, where there are mostly elderly people who are probably too burdensome for their loved ones or who have no relatives at all. A few hours of conversation or a game spent with them will make them remember it because this will be quite an event for the old people in a series of rather boring days.

Help new neighbours to make themselves at home

6. Help new neighbours to make themselves at home
Are new neighbours moving to the house next to yours? It would be nice to say hello for a start. Offer help in moving, perhaps suggest something, and answer questions. A few simple actions that will help you strengthen good neighbourly relations and maybe to find new friends.

How Staff Levels Effect Operations

7. Let someone take the lead in the queue in a supermarket
If your cart is full of products, and if there is someone behind you with a single bottle of water, why not to let him/her go ahead, especially if you are not in too much of a hurry. This someone will be not very surprised only, but also very grateful to you.

Best Friends Forever

8. Send an unexpected gift to a friend
There is no need to wait for the holidays. Just in honour of a good mood, send a book or just a little something to a friend who lives in another city, or at least just a postcard. Receiving packages is always so joyful!


9. Bring something tasty over an office
Why not treat your colleagues with cupcakes or doughnuts in the morning? Why not bring a watermelon to the office, for example, and not to eat it all together? It will make it to where everyone in the office is going to be in a good mood too.

Offer your parking lot to an approaching car

10. Offer your parking lot to an approaching car
Parking somewhere at the mall is a real problem, especially on holidays. If you are going to leave, coming up to your car, paid attention to the driver, who chooses a parking lot, make a sign that you are leaving now so that s/he could slow down and take your space.

Help an automobilist on the road

11. Help an automobilist on the road
If you are an experienced driver and you see a car by the side of the road with emergency signals turned on, stop and offer help.

Lend some small change to someoneLend some small change to someone

12. Lend some small change to someone
If you stand behind someone in the checkout line and the person suddenly lacks 50 cents to pay for the purchase, or there are no small items to give with exact change, lend to this person. It is clear that s/he will not return the money to you, but this is not such a great value, and you will save a person from having to give up one of the purchases. In addition, the queue will be grateful for the fact that you did not keep waiting until the cashier completes the cancellation of the goods.

Give a place on public transport

13. Give a place on public transport
It is not about the elderly people of course who are to be given place to. Give up if you see that the person who is next to you has difficulties standing, too tired, not feeling well, or has heavy bags.

Leave cheekful of food near a trash can

14. Leave cheekful of food near a trash can
There are people who never throw out the leftovers of food, which as a matter of principle can still be eaten or dry bread. She neatly puts it in the bag and hangs it near the street garbage cans. Some homeless person will not have to dig in the garbage for a long time to find food; you can just take a bag.

15. Pick something up what other person drops
If someone dropped the glove or something else, be sure to tell the person and make this person see the loss. And if you are standing nearby, then pick up the thing and give it to him.

Teach someone what you know best

16. Teach someone what you know best
Recently I explained to one girl-photographer how to use the Dropbox service. It took a few minutes, but she was happy that she could now use such a convenient tool. If you are a professional, teach others what you know.

Suggest tourists take pictures of them

17. Suggest tourists take pictures of them
If you suddenly see tourists on the street who are trying to take pictures of themselves holding aloft, offer them help. Surely, no one would want all their photographs to be all the same, huge faces and tiny sights somewhere in the background around the ear.

18. Bring a treat for a pet of your friend
Are there still meatballs left from dinner, and in the evening you go to visit friends who have a dog? Take the balls with you. Friends and their pet will be grateful to you.

19. Share greens and vegetables out of your garden with your neighbour
If you or your parents have their own, garden and you have more greenery and vegetables than you can eat, share them with your friends or neighbours.

20. Share discounts
If you have extra discount coupons that you can hardly use, give them to those who need them. Do not keep them to the utmost, so you could throw them away afterwards. This is not all the ideas of small good deeds that can be done regularly, without spending a lot of effort and money. You can always add something to the list. What is on your mind?

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