10 Tips That Will Simplify Your Life!

We all have to fulfill so many roles that at times it can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is not unlikely for some to live stressful lives. This is not good because stress affect us entirely.
10 Tips That Will Simplify Your Life
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It clouds and slows down our thinking process and puts a lot of weight on our bodies. The results are unclear communication with others, malfunction in work/school, irritability, tiredness, etc. As you can see none of the symptoms cause by stress are positive. Therefore, it is best to avoid it. You are probably thinking avoid stress? Yeah Right! And I am here to say that you probably can not avoid every single mishap but there are simple actions that can help reduce some of the weight on your shoulders. Below I have added ten tips that can reduce your stress level.

1. Do you have too many chores at home – if you have a partner and children then you can divide the chores. You would be amaze but even toddlers can help by putting away their own toys.

2. Buy organizers – Organizers in my opinion are a necessary tool. With both sexes working outside of the home, there is not that much time to maintain a tidy home. However, if you have organizers this definitely helps you reduce the amount of clutter in the house. The end result: A put together home.

3. Keep track of your time – Yes, planning ahead does help. Once you know what you want, plan what you need to do and state exactly when.

4. Have room for mistakes – Nothing is ever going to be perfect. So, do not beat yourself up over and over again. Instead, rise and use the negative experience to your advantage by learning from it.

5. For people that cook daily – Reduce the amount of times that you cook in a week. You can cook for two days at a time or cook various meals in one day for several days. Just make sure that the food is store properly. It is advisable to freeze the prepared food until; you are ready to use it.

6. Have a daily or weekly to do list – Let’s face it, with so many things in our heads it is pretty easy to forget what you need to do.

7. Pay for cleaning services – If you can not delegate different chores to others and have some cash to spare then, pay someone else. If you can not afford full service then pay for part of the chores. Pay a kid from your neighborhood a couple of bucks for raking your leaves or mowing the lawn.

8. Use the internet to your advantage and reduce shopping time by buying things online. Even some supermarkets are offering this service.

9. Lessen the time spend on unproductive activities- Included are talking on the phone, watching TV, chatting etc. You can do them but make sure that you do not talk for three hours or watch five different TV shows in one day etc. Activities like this do nothing but, waste time that you could use productively.

10. Leisure time – Always try to enjoy your life, set time to do activities that you love to do or interest you. It’s simple when we have fun there is no room for stress.

Remember life is just a whole bunch of moments put together so; be careful of how you spend them.
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Kenia Morales

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